Chinese Sideboard

Chinese Sideboard

Chinese sideboards - practical and beautiful

Finding places to stow away essential items and clutter can be a real headache. It’s all too easy to resort to storage furniture that looks a little unsightly and which ends up being something of an eyesore. This is where a Chinese sideboard can prove invaluable by providing a beautiful storage solution which is as practical as it is good looking.

The history and charm of antique Chinese sideboards

Here at Shimu we offer a stunning range of stylish Chinese sideboards to suit all tastes and budgets. From original hand painted antique Chinese sideboards, through to newly made pieces, perfect for contemporary interiors, we’ll have the perfect solution to home storage.

Antique furniture offers a great way to bring a touch of unique history into your home. Our range of Chinese antiques is diverse and ever-changing, with each piece carefully chosen by us and sourced directly from China. Pieces are chosen for their quality and charm, and if necessary are carefully restored by skilled craftsmen before being shipped to the UK. As all of our antiques are unique, our range changes according to what we have in stock at the time. So if you have something particular in mind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll endeavour to source it for you.

Antique Chinese sideboards would have been an important part of and much-loved feature of homes, with the style and decoration depending on the wealth and status of the owner. Simple, rustic pieces were used in kitchens to store dried goods, cooking equipment and textiles, whilst high-status homes would have had ornate sideboards, painted and decorated with a luxurious lacquered finish.

The size and style of antique Chinese sideboards varies according to when and where they were made and their intended use

Shanxi ‘double cabinets’, for example, are particular to Shanxi province and have two sets of doors set into a central frame. Hebei sideboards tend to be quite plain in design, making them perfect for modern or traditional interiors, whilst altar cabinets with their long, extended tops would have been used to display ancestor offerings.

Chinese antique sideboards vary hugely in size, design and decoration and as such there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a simple rustic piece to use as kitchen storage, or an ornate sideboard for your living room or hallway, our huge collection of antiques offers a superb range of beautiful, original items.

Newly made sideboards

Alongside our range of antique furniture we also offer a selection of newly made pieces, handmade in China from reclaimed hardwood using traditional joinery techniques. Offering exceptional quality and superb value, our range of newly made furniture offers the perfect way to inject a touch of oriental style and elegance into your interiors.  

Our Chinese Classical furniture collection includes a range of traditional designs and reproductions from China’s golden age of furniture production. Featuring sideboards and other storage furniture such as chests of drawers, ladies cabinets and end cabinets, this collection is available in various wood or coloured lacquer finishes, with ornate brass fittings to complete the look.

If you’d prefer something a little simpler in design, why not take a look at our Chinese Country Furniture collection? With a range of natural wood pieces including sideboards and side cabinets, the light-coloured wood used to make this striking collection has a pronounced grain which lets the natural beauty of the wood sing out. Or for a complete contrast, our Chocolate Country Furniture is exactly as described, with a range of simple yet elegant furniture, made with a chocolate-brown finish.

Our range of newly made sideboards really does offer something to suit all homes and interiors, providing lots of fabulous ideas for beautiful yet practical home storage. Don’t forget that we also have a huge range of stylish home accessories, inspired by the elegance of oriental interiors. From candles, throws and ornaments, through to cushions, wall art, rugs and lighting, our range makes it easy to create an elegant and tasteful home.  

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