Chinese Wall Art

Oriental trunkBeautiful Chinese wall art for your home

The perfect way to create a focal point, our range of beautiful Chinese artwork includes everything from traditional carved wall panels, through to contemporary prints and embroidered silk panels. Equally at home in any of your living spaces, choosing Chinese art will bring a touch of Asian-inspired elegance to your interiors.

Our Chinese and Asian wall art collections include both antique and new items. We offer an ever-changing range of antique decorative wall panels, many of which are carved with unique and highly decorative designs. Many of our antique panels are purchased in sets, designed to be hung together to create an eye-catching focal point to any room. Alternatively, traditional single lattice wall panels make a stylish and unusual alternative to other forms of wall art.

Although antique Chinese wall art panels have a traditional and completely unique appearance, they are equally at home in contemporary homes, making them the ideal choice for modern interiors.

New and limited edition wall art

Designed to bring the beauty and elegance of Asian art into your home, our wall art collection includes everything from contemporary wall art prints and photographs, through to embroidered silk and carved wooden panels.

Our wall art collection is sourced by us and pieces are carefully selected for their unique style and beauty. With pieces from India, China and Indonesia, our wall art collection has something to suit all interiors. Chinese and Indian silk embroidered pictures are perfect for creating an unusual focal point to a room, whilst traditional-style carved wall panels are designed to be wall-mounted and are perfect for any room.

Chinese ancestor paintings once performed an important role in the traditional Chinese practice of ancestor worship. Designed to commemorate and honour ancestors, these large portraits were ornate and painted using rich, bright colours. Although original ancestor paintings are now very rare, we offer a range of stunning reproductions, each of which is unique. Ancestor paintings are stunning when mounted alone, but make an incredible centrepiece when hung in groups.

Our limited edition prints offer a stylish way to brighten up a wall, whilst our collection of framed photographic prints showcase a range of charming subjects from China and Tibet.

Create a stylish home with our range of Asian-inspired home decor

Alongside our range of oriental and Chinese wall art we also offer a collection of superb quality home decor items, from ornaments and decorative pieces, through to rugs, lighting, cushions and throws. Or why not take a look at our Chinese furniture collections, which feature a wide range of stylish and elegant antique and newly made items?

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