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Chinese Ceramic Stools

Chinese Ceramic Stools - Beautiful and Versatile

At Shimu we are proud to have one of the largest ranges of oriental furniture, including Chinese ceramic stools, UK-wide. Ideal for use as a side table, bedside table or even a plant stand, traditional ceramic stools are as versatile as they are beautiful.
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Chinese New Year of the Ox

Chinese New Year : Welcoming the Year of the Ox

Chinese New Year falls this year on Friday the 12th February, with celebrations taking place where possible across China and the rest of the world as we move from the Year of the Pig into the Year of the Ox....

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Miao people traditions

The ancient traditions of the Miao

We’ve recently extended our collection of homewares and jewellery produced by the Miao people of southern China, with wonderful silverware and patterned cushion covers made from vintage Miao fabric now in stock. The Miao are one of the largest minority...

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Chinese Ancestor Paintings

The fascinating history of Chinese ancestor paintings

The practice of honouring and worshiping ancestors has been an important part of Chinese culture for centuries. The Chinese believe that a relationship continues between the deceased and the living and that in properly honouring their memory in family rituals,...

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Chinese Antique Sideboard Nature Focus

Focus on Nature

One of the benefits of lockdown for some has been a renewed appreciation of nature and the natural world. In the first weeks when travel was banned, we were inspired to explore nature in our neighbourhoods. We refocused on our...

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