Chinese antique furniture

Chinese antique furniture

Discover Chinese antique furniture for your home

Our online store offers a stunning collection of Chinese antiques for your home. From beautiful beds, chairs and tables, through to cabinets, sideboards, trunks and chests, antique Chinese furniture is the perfect way to add a touch of timeless, elegant design to your living spaces. 

Asian interiors are famed for their tranquility and we work closely with our dedicated team of suppliers in China to select the very best antique pieces dating from the 18th century up to the early 20th century. As specialists in antique Chinese furniture we understand how each piece should be restored to return it to its original beauty without losing any of its character. As such, our antique furniture is lovingly restored by highly skilled craftsmen who use traditional skills and techniques. 

Our ever-changing collection includes everything you need to create a beautiful and stylish home. Each piece is unique and comes with its own little piece of history and traditional Chinese furniture offers the perfect way to enhance your home. You’ll find that many items are simple in design and made from natural wood, making them perfect for contemporary and traditional interiors. Other items are more ornate and are often finished in striking painted or lacquered designs. Whatever your taste, we’re sure our collection will include the perfect piece for you.

About Antique Chinese furniture

Chinese furniture has long been famed for its elegance and simplicity. From the 12th century onwards Chinese craftsmen refined their skills, leading to a period known as the late Ming period which began in 1368 and finished in 1644. Widely considered to be the golden age of Chinese furniture, during the late Ming period and thanks to an increase in prosperity, the demand for luxury items such as fine furniture had grown. 

Late Ming Period Antique Chinese Furniture

Furniture made during the late Ming period features superb craftsmanship, beautiful curves and simple yet elegant lines. Furthermore, the joinery techniques used were so accurate and precise that glue and nails were only used as extra additions. Metal hardware such as hinges, handles and lock plates were also designed with great care and intended to complement the elegant design of each particular piece. As a result, Chinese antique furniture from this period are beautiful, practical and timeless items which are perfect for enhancing contemporary homes. 

Qing Period Antique Chinese Furniture

The early Qing period (1644-1911) also resulted in exquisite furniture designed with simple yet classic lines. Differences between the early Qing period and late Ming period started to emerge when excessively ornate carvings and angular forms began to replace simple designs. Nevertheless, the furniture made for use by the general Chinese population still retained a simpler style and was often decorated with landscaped scenes or decorated with black or red lacquer. This type of antique furniture is still available in China and provides us with a varied and plentiful supply. 

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If you would like to find out more about our range of antique furniture, please get in touch by calling 0800 088 6800 or why not visit our showroom? 

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