Chinese Ornaments

Chinese Ornaments

Discover our range of beautiful Chinese ornaments

From delicate glass vases and bowls, through to eye-catching sculptures of Tang horses and ornate presentation boxes, our stunning collection of oriental ornaments offers something for all tastes and interiors.


Chinese horse ornaments

Horses have played an important role in the history of China. Horses were first domesticated in China more than 5,000 years ago and over the centuries these magnificent creatures have been prized and revered for their elegance and beauty. As such, ornaments celebrating the strength and beauty of horses have been an important feature of Chinese interiors for many hundreds of years.

At Shimu we offer a wide range of Chinese ornaments which includes numerous horse figures, ranging from simple stone sculptures, through to bronze flying horses and Tang horses. The quality and number of horses in China increased significantly during the Tang period, thanks to imports from Arabia and developments in breeding. As a result, from the Tang period onwards, horses really did earn a special place in Chinese affections, with their muscular physique replicated in stunning cast bronze figures.

Bronze figures

China’s history of working with bronze dates back thousands of years and is likely to have begun with the creation of items for use in early rituals. Unlike other bronze age cultures, the earliest bronzes were made in China using the piece-mold casting method instead of the lost-wax method used in Europe. Although piece-mold casting is somewhat time-consuming, this technique enabled craftsmen to produce highly intricate and sharply defined designs.

Our range of Chinese ornaments includes a selection of bronze figures designed to replicate the original beauty and elegance of the bronzes of the past. From human figurines depicted in traditional poses, through to animals and fish, many of our bronze ornaments are reproductions of original pieces.

Oriental vases and decorative pots

Whether filled with fresh flowers or left unadorned, vases make the perfect decorative items. Our collection offers a wide choice of vases, from heavy glass pieces available in a range of subtle colours, through to vintage-style glass bottles and porcelain vases decorated with intricate Chinese painted patterns and landscapes.

In addition, we also have available a selection of Chinese ginger jars which can be used as decorative pieces or as large vases. Again, these are available in a selection of designs, from traditional Chinese blue and white painted patterns, through to rich glazed jars in jewel-like solid colours.

Chinese silk tassel ornaments


Offering a unique way to bring a touch of oriental elegance into your home, Chinese silk tassels decorated with carved jade embellishments are perfect for displaying on coffee tables, hung upon a wall or from a cabinet handle. Our collection includes a selection of high quality silk tassels, many of which come in decorative presentation boxes, making them ideal for giving as gifts for special occasions.

Shimu - the home of Chinese furniture and accessories

At Shimu we have a wide and ever-changing collection of beautiful Chinese furniture, accessories and decorative items, including a selection of stunning original antique pieces. Our antiques are carefully chosen by us in China and are carefully selected for their unique beauty and charm. Items are lovingly restored before export to the UK, however we take great care to ensure that the patina of each piece is retained.

Our range of Chinese classical furniture features a wide range of new furniture, designed to combine oriental elegance with contemporary practicality. All items are made by hand in China from reclaimed hardwood, offering the ideal way to create an elegant home. Whether you’re looking for seating, storage furniture, or a beautiful wooden bed frame, our collection of Chinese classical furniture has something to suit all homes and interiors.

Last and by no means least, to complement our collections of furniture and Chinese ornaments, we also supply a selection of superb quality homewares, including soft furnishings, bedding, kitchen and dining ware, candles, wall art, rugs and much, much more.


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