Chinese Lamps

Chinese Lamps

Light up your home with our beautiful Chinese lamps

Lighting offers a wonderful way to give your home a cosy, welcoming ambience and here at Shimu you’ll find we have a wide range of beautiful table lamps, lanterns, garden lighting and more. From elegant blue and white porcelain lamps to small bedside table lights, our collection includes the perfect lighting options for contemporary living spaces.


Oriental lamps combine style and tradition

Ceramic oriental lamps with their iconic decorative bases have been a popular choice since the 19th century when electric lighting was first invented. Many antique Chinese floor lamps and ceramic table lamps feature ornate and highly detailed designs in a classical Chinese style. You’ll often see porcelain table lamp bases decorated with blue and white landscape scenes, dragons, birds or floral designs.

Other styles of lamp feature white, cream or neutral coloured backgrounds which have been embellished with rich floral designs showing blossom, peonies or lotus, along with paintings of birds, animals and insects such as butterflies, herons, cranes or birds of paradise.

Traditional Chinese decorative items such as jars used to store oil or ginger were often repurposed as ceramic table lamp bases, whilst it’s not unusual to come across wooden Buddha figures or carvings of animals which have been turned into oriental table lamps.

Oriental and Chinese floor lamps are often available in highly decorative designs which have been embellished with Chinoiserie painted patterns. Although Chinoiserie is the term used to refer to the European imitation and interpretation of Chinese and Eat Asian artistic tradition, these items offer a wonderful way to bring a touch of oriental history and elegance into your home.

Bronze antique Chinese floor lamps and table lamps were popular in the 1920s and now make stylish objects with which to decorate your interiors. Often featuring ornate designs and motifs, bronze lamp bases have a lovely mellow glow, rather than being cleaned to a bright finish.

Discover our collection of oriental lamps and lanterns for your home

Whether your style is contemporary or you prefer more of a traditional look, you’ll find that our wide range of Chinese lamps and lighting includes a huge selection of choices to enhance your home.

If you love the elegance of traditional ceramic Chinese lamps then you’ll love our collection! Many of our designs feature traditional blue and white porcelain bases decorated with stunning oriental images of landscapes, birds, dragons and detailed floral designs. We also offer a number of ceramic lamp bases which feature natural-coloured backgrounds painted with bright colours or pastel hues with lotus flowers, birds of paradise, floral designs and ancient landscapes.

For timeless elegance we also have a collection of ceramic lamp bases in plain, mosaic and crackle glazed finishes. These lamps are available in a wide range of stylish colours, ranging from white and cream, through to shades of green, blue and more.

Lovers of the more rustic look will appreciate our mango wood lamp bases, glass vase lamps and brass table lamps, many of which are hand made by skilled craftsmen who use traditional skills and techniques to create them. Or why not look at our stylish jute lampshades and pendant shades, which are ideal for enhancing homes with contemporary interiors?

Adding lanterns to your interiors or garden seating areas is a beautiful way to create a magical, softly-lit ambience. We have a wide range of lanterns in both modern designs and designs based on traditional designs often found in Chinese homes. From brass storm-style lanterns and round Chinese lanterns made from canvas and wire, our lanterns also make interesting and eye-catching ornaments.

Chinese table lamps, floor lamps and lanterns are perfect for almost any location in the house. Smaller sized ceramic lamps are the perfect night lights or decoration for a bedside table, whilst large ceramic lamps help to create a focal point when placed on a side table or sideboard. Wherever you choose to put yours you’ll find it makes the perfect finishing touch to your home decor.

Chinese furniture and accessories for your home


Our collection of Chinese lamps and lanterns look beautiful when teamed-up with Chinese or oriental-style furniture. Our furniture collections include both original and completely unique antique pieces, along with newly-made items made to replicate original designs. From stylish furniture for your living spaces, through to bedroom and garden furniture, we have everything you need to create an elegant home.


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