Mango Furniture

Mango Furniture

Celebrate the beauty of wood with mango furniture

Categorised as a hardwood thanks to its durability, strength and density, mango wood is an excellent choice for making beautiful furniture. Here at Shimu we offer a range of mango wood furniture pieces and accessories, perfect for celebrating the natural beauty of wood and creating a stylish, welcoming home. 

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Mango wood has long been popular with furniture makers and craftsmen thanks to its attractive and unusual grain. In addition, thanks to the unique quality of the wood, it will retain it’s high lustre for many years, whilst it is also ideal for waxing or staining. Lastly, like many other types of wood, mango wood will gradually darken over time to develop darker shades of brown, reminiscent to teak.

Furthermore, mango furniture is a sustainable choice as it is cultivated as a fruit tree. Mango trees reach maturity relatively quickly - after around 15 years - in comparison to other types of hardwood. Once a tree has matured it will reduce or stop altogether the amount of fruit it produces. This means that mango farmers will replace their trees on a regular basis, therefore creating a sustainable system of plantation followed by harvest, with only older, less productive trees being harvested for wood. 

Thanks to its natural beauty, durability and sustainability, solid mango wood is a sought after material for many types of furniture including dining room tables, side tables, bed frames, chairs and more. Mango is easy to care for, requiring only an occasional polish to keep it in good condition and because it is relatively easy to work with, it’s possible for craftsmen to create intricately carved designs in the ‘soft’ surface. 

Another little known advantage of mango wood is that it naturally possess high water repellency. As such this makes it ideal for creating garden furniture, bathroom storage furniture and kitchen accessories. 

Here at Shimu our Mansu furniture collection features a range of stunning pieces made from natural mango wood enhanced with metal. The Mansu collection combines the natural beauty of wood with the functional tones of mat finished metals to create stylish furniture with an industrial twist, perfect for contemporary living spaces. 

Including an impressive multi-drawer storage chest, similar in design to traditional apothecary chests but with a modern vibe, a desk and elegant console table, the Mansu collection offers a superb way to enjoy the beauty and practicality of mango furniture. Ideal for your living room, dining room or home office, our Mansu collection is available to order direct from our website for convenient doorstep delivery.

As already mentioned, mango wood is perfect for home accessories and you’ll find our range includes everything from lamp bases and board games, through to serving bowls and platters, chopping boards and bar stools. Why not arrange one of our mango wood chess sets on your coffee table, or set your dining table with a set of hand carved bowls? 

Shimu - the home of oriental design and mango wood furniture

We love the natural beauty and rich tones of natural mango wood. Perfect for contemporary or traditional interiors alike, choosing mango furniture or accessories for your home is a stylish way to enhance your living spaces. 

If you would like to find out more about our mango furniture or accessories, please get in touch with our friendly team using the contact details on our website. 

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