Chinese Wardrobe

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Enhance your home with a beautiful Chinese wardrobe

Wardrobes from China are available in a wide range of beautiful styles and designs, from the ornate and embellished, through to stylishly simple pieces. Here at Shimu we offer a huge range of Chinese wardrobes including antique wardrobes and superb quality newly made items. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece to add a focal point to your bedroom, or a Chinese style wardrobe to use as practical storage, we’ll have the perfect solution for your home.

Antique Chinese Wardrobes

Traditional Chinese wardrobes look a little different to what we’re more familiar with in the West. Antique Chinese wardrobes tend to be shorter and narrower, with internal shelves rather than a hanging rail. The reason for this is that in China, clothing and textiles would have been stored folded flat, rather than hung from rails. However, this doesn’t mean that original Chinese wardrobes aren’t practical for use in modern homes; far from it in fact, as thanks to their generous internal storage space, they’re ideal for storing a wide range of items from knitwear or underwear, through to accessories, bed linen and more.

Chinese wedding cabinets are instantly recognisable with their double doors and one or more drawers underneath. These beautiful pieces of furniture would have traditionally been given as a wedding gift to a bride and groom by their parents, becoming treasured items to be passed down through many generations.

At Shimu our collection of original Chinese antique furniture includes a selection of beautiful wedding cabinets and armoires, both of which make unique storage pieces to complement your existing bedroom furniture.

If you’re looking for something a little larger, traditional tapered cabinets were commonplace in Chinese homes of the past and now make stylish wardrobes. Our ever-changing antiques selection usually includes a choice of tapered wardrobes which have been lovingly restored to maintain their original charm and unique patina.

Chinese wardrobes and armoires

Adding a Chinese wardrobe to your bedroom offers the perfect way to bring a touch of oriental style and elegance into your home. Our collections of newly made furniture include a selection of beautiful wardrobes for your bedroom; from simple designs to showcase the natural beauty of the wood, through to ornate painted pieces.

All of our new furniture is handmade from solid wood, including elm wood which has long been favoured by Chinese craftsmen. Each piece is made with great care, offering superb quality combined with traditional elegance and contemporary practicality. Our wardrobes include wooden hanging rails and removable shelves, making them perfect for general storage, or to use as an oriental style wardrobe.

Chinese furniture for your home

Once you’ve chosen the perfect Chinese wardrobe for your home, why not browse through our range of bedroom furniture and accessories? We have everything you need to create the perfect relaxing, cosy bedroom including bedside cabinets, beds, dressing tables, screens and panels, storage trunks, occasional chairs and more. We also offer a wide range of superb quality home accessories including bed linen, throws, cushions and decorative items such as wall art, lighting and ceramics.

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