Oriental Ornaments

Oriental Ornaments

Enhance your interiors with our oriental ornaments

The perfect ornaments and accessories offer a great way to bring an interior design together or add a focal point to a room. Here at Shimu you’ll find that we have a stunning range of beautiful ornaments and accessories, available in a wide range of designs, with options to suit all tastes and types of decor. From Chinese ornaments and hand painted ceramics, through to decor and artwork inspired by the elegance of the orient, our collection offers something for every home.

Oriental ornaments

Oriental craftsmen have long been renowned for their skill and artistry in creating beautiful objects designed to decorate and enhance interiors. Antique oriental and Chinese ornaments are available in a huge range of beautiful designs, with pieces made from mediums as diverse as bronze, glass, porcelain, wood, brass and silver.

At Shimu our collection of oriental ornaments includes a stunning selection of decorative pieces, including antique items through to superb quality, newly made ornaments and reproductions.

Bronze ritual vessels, for example, would have been buried alongside wealthy Chinese citizens, or used as part of ritual ceremonies. Our collection of oriental ornaments includes a selection of reproduction verdigris bronze items, decorated with ornate inlaid gold patterns and often finished with intricate figurines depicting birds or animals.

Bronze figures inspired by the natural world would also been found in Chinese homes and bronze Tang horse figures are now some of the most recognisable oriental decorative items. Horses were first domesticated in China over 5000 years ago and the essential role they played in the country’s development and history was commemorated in elegant bronze figures. Artists found inspiration in other animals too, including lions, wild boar, dogs, ducks and fish, creating eye-catching bronze ornaments, perfect for bringing the beauty of the animal kingdom into your home.

Ceramics also played an important role in Chinese interiors, with items such as vases, jars and jugs being used for practical and decorative purposes. Chinese ginger jars are instantly recognisable thanks to their imposing size, neat ceramic lids and elegant curved shoulders.

Our collection of accessories includes a wide range of beautiful Chinese ginger jars available in either vibrant plain colour finishes or ornate painted designs featuring birds, flowers or countryside scenes, for example. It’s also interesting to note that ginger jars weren’t, in fact, used to store ginger, but instead used to keep dried herbs and spices, or seasoning such as salt and pepper. We think ginger jars look beautiful in contemporary interiors and whether displayed alone or a group, making a real talking point.

Home decor inspired by oriental elegance and charm

Alongside our collections of ornaments and decorative ceramic pieces, we also offer a collection of stylish accessories for your home. With a collection including everything from traditional buddha figures, Chinese lanterns and lamps, through to embroidered silk textiles, rugs and antique items, our collection has been carefully designed to offer a wide choice of beautiful decorative accessories.

Oriental buddha statues were intended to bring feelings of serenity and calm into a home. Our collection includes a selection of buddha figures, ideal for adding a touch of oriental charm to your home or garden, including carved stone buddha heads, imposing gold cast or bronze buddhas, and charming buddha figures carved from wood.

Traditional-style Chinese lanterns are ideal for creating a welcoming home and the warm, soft light they throw out is perfect for setting an ambient feel. You’ll find that our lighting collection includes everything from lanterns based upon original designs, through to stunning lamp bases, shades, ceiling lights and more.

Last and by no means least, if you’d like something truly unique for your home, why not take a looking at our ever-changing range of original Chinese antique accessories? The items in this collection have been carefully chosen by us and are carefully restored before being shipped to the UK. Including a selection of items such as wooden bowls and buckets, storage jars, wooden wall panels, baskets and decorated chests, our antique accessories offer a unique way to complement any room in your home.

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