Oriental wardrobe

Oriental Wardrobe

Beautiful oriental wardrobes make the perfect bedroom storage solution

Available in a wide range of beautiful wardrobe designs and wood finishes, our selection of storage bedroom furniture includes both antique and newly made pieces. Oriental wardrobes offer the perfect solution for contemporary interiors and provide plenty of storage space combined with elegantly simple styling. Here at Shimu our Chinese furniture collections include oriental style wardrobes in different shapes and sizes, with pieces perfectly suited to the modern home.


Red Lacquer Oriental Wardrobe

Antique Chinese wardrobes

The design of traditional Chinese wardrobes is different to the type of bedroom wardrobe we’re more familiar with in the West. In China, wardrobes were used to store clothing and textiles folded flat and placed onto shelves, rather than being hung vertically from hanging rails. In addition, many would also feature one or more drawers which would have been used to store smaller items.

Our collection of Chinese antiques includes an ever-changing selection of antique oriental wardrobes; ranging from highly ornate pieces with lacquered finishes, through to charming designs with a more rustic appearance. You’ll notice that our antiques collection often includes traditional wedding cabinets; these beautiful pieces of furniture would have been given to a couple as part of a bride’s dowry and filled with with valuable silk fabrics, jewellery and other gifts. Chinese wedding cabinets are now perfect for use as eye-catching statement pieces in contemporary interiors, whilst their internal shelves and lower drawers make them ideal for practical bedroom storage.

Armoires have also long been a feature of Chinese interiors and like wedding cabinets, would have been used to store folded clothing and textiles. Our antiques collection usually includes a selection of imposing armoires, the designs of which can vary from ornate and highly carved, through to simpler pieces made to showcase the natural beauty of solid wood.

All of our antiques are unique, original and carefully chosen by us for their charm and beauty. If necessary, items are restored before being shipped to the UK. However, restoration is carried out sympathetically, with great care taken to ensure the unique patina of the piece is retained. As all of our antiques are unique, our current selection is dependent on what we have available at the time, so if you have something particular in mind, please get in touch and we’ll endeavour to source it for you.

Oriental Chinese Wardrobe

Chinese Classical Furniture

Chinese Classical Furniture is the name of our collection of newly made furniture in designs which replicate or have been inspired by traditional antique styles. This collection features a selection of beautiful oriental wardrobes for your home, including Western-style tall wardrobes with a Chinese twist, through to wedding cabinets and armoires.

Our Chinese Classical Furniture collection is handmade for us in China by highly skilled craftsmen who are experienced in using traditional joinery techniques. Pieces are made from reclaimed wood, usually elm wood, which remains a popular choice amongst Chinese furniture makers. As such, choosing furniture from our Chinese Classical range offers a wonderful way to introduce a touch of oriental style and elegance into your home.

Chinese LAcquered Wardrobe

Chinese bedroom furniture

Alongside our range of Chinese wardrobes, wedding cabinets and armoires, you’ll find that we also offer a selection of beautiful bedroom furniture including beds, day beds, chests of drawers, chests and trunks, bedside cabinets and more. Our range includes stunning original antiques, alongside superb quality handmade new items.

In addition, we also have a wide range of high quality accessories for your home, including bedroom textiles, cushions, candles, wall art, ornaments, lanterns and lighting. Offering the perfect way to create a beautifully stylish and relaxing bedroom, our accessories collection includes something to suit all homes and interiors.


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