Chinese Table

Chinese Table

Discover our range of beautiful antique and new Chinese tables

From dining and console tables, through to coffee and side tables, our range of oriental tables has something to suit all tastes and interiors. Here at Shimu we source beautiful original antiques from China, alongside superb quality handmade furniture. With one of the largest ranges of Chinese furniture in the UK, we sure you’ll find the perfect piece for your home.


Chinese Tables

Antique Chinese tables

We offer an ever-changing range of original Chinese antiques which are sourced by us directly from China. Each piece is carefully selected by us for it’s unique beauty and charm; if necessary items are sympathetically restored to ensure they are robust enough to cope with modern living. However, the skilled craftsmen we work with take great pride in their ability to restore items whilst ensuring each piece retains its original charm and patina.

Antique Chinese tables vary hugely in design, from ornate carved and lacquered pieces, through to rustic, farmhouse-style tables. The type of table traditionally found in Chinese homes could range from altar tables and low side tables, along with serving tables and desks.

The development of Chinese table design goes hand-in-hand with Chinese chair design. Mat-level culture was prevalent in Asian society until the arrival of the Tang Dynasty in 618AD when the Chinese first started to use stools and chairs. As such, low level tables, similar to western-style coffee tables, would have been used in ancient China.

The use of chairs and stools ushered in by the Tang Dynasty would have coincided with the arrival of a range of different types of higher tables. In addition, the same style of table would have been used in a range of different ways, for example as a writing desk, dining table or simply to display vases of flowers or ornamental objects.

Chinese altar tables

Chinese altar tables were commonly found in the homes of wealthy families and would have been used for ancestor worship. As a result, antique altar tables often have burn marks left by incense which adds to their unique charm. Today they make extremely attractive yet functional hallway tables as their narrow shape makes them ideal for fitting into narrow spaces.

Although Chinese opium tables look very similar to Western-style coffee tables, they were, in fact, used as day beds by wealthy nobility who would lounge upon them when smoking their opium pipes. The design of antique Chinese opium tables varies, however most are rectangular in shape, often with carved detailing or curved legs. In addition, some have ornate designs on the surface. Original opium tables are highly sought after and make wonderful additions to modern interiors where they are perfect for use as a coffee table, creating a stylish focal point to a room.

Side tables have long been a useful feature of Chinese homes where they would have served a wide range of purposes, including the storage of personal items and valuables. Many have useful storage drawers and thanks to their compact size and neat design, are perfect for use as side tables, lamp tables or bedside tables. The design of Chinese antique side tables ranges from simple, rustic styles, through to ornate pieces with lustrous lacquered finishes.

Last and by no means least, Chinese tea tables would have played an essential role in traditional Chinese tea ceremonies. Tea tables were designed to collect any water which spilled from cups and tea pots during the washing and steeping stages of the tea ceremony. Many traditional tea tables are low in design which makes them perfect for use as coffee tables, whilst tea tables with longer legs make ideal console tables or dining tables.

As already mentioned, our range of antique furniture is ever-changing with a selection of pieces dependent on what we have available at the time. However, if we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll aim to source it for you.

Chinese classical furniture

Chinese Classical Furniture is the name of our signature range of handcrafted new furniture, designed to include reproductions from China’s golden age, alongside contemporary designs which have been inspired by the same period. Handcrafted from reclaimed elm or poplar, the items in our Classical Furniture range are made by hand for us in China by highly skilled craftsmen who use traditional furniture-making techniques which have been passed down through generations.

You’ll find that our collection of Chinese Classical Furniture includes a selection of stunning tables including dining tables, dressing tables, console and side tables, nesting tables, coffee tables and more. Many items are available in a range of beautiful woods and finishes, including warm elm, light elm, black, white or red lacquer.

Oriental furniture and accessories


Alongside our range of antiques and Chinese Classical Furniture collection, you’ll also find that we stock a huge selection of superb quality furniture inspired by the elegance of oriental design, including bedroom furniture, storage furniture and much more. In addition, we also offer a wide range of accessories designed to provide the perfect finishing touches to your interiors, including cushions and throws, wall art, rugs, ornaments, kitchen wares, candles and gifts.


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