Blue Ceramic Planter

Blue Ceramic Planter

Blue ceramic planters for your home and garden

Blue ceramic planters are perfect for displaying houseplants and outdoor plants to great effect, forming a beautiful backdrop to showcase the natural beauty of green foliage or eye-catching blooms. Here at Shimu, we have a range of plant pots to suit all homes and interiors, from antique earthenware vessels to pots made from ceramics or metals. Whether you’re looking for a planter for your conservatory, living room or patio, our selection offers the perfect planters for your home.

Serene and calming: the ceramic blue planter

The colour blue comes in a rich and diverse selection of shades; from vibrant turquoise and jade to pretty sky blue or elegant navy. Blue, often associated with calmness and tranquillity, brings a soothing element to any space, whether it’s a bustling kitchen, a shady garden corner, or a relaxing bedroom. So when searching for the perfect planter colour for your home, here at Shimu we think ceramic blue planters make the perfect option!

When choosing a planter it’s important to pay close consideration to its size and shape in relation to the plant you wish to place in it. Our planters are available in a range of shapes and sizes, from small pots suitable for succulents and cacti to larger ones ideal for statement houseplants such as monstera or figs, small garden trees or shrubs.

It’s also worth taking the time to think about how you’re going to display your plant pots. A tiny plant in a small pot is likely to get lost in a large space, so why not try grouping smaller pots so they make more of a focal point? In contrast, large houseplants tend to speak for themselves but the plant pot can still do the talking if you choose one in a bright shade or decorated with an eye-catching pattern. Grouping pots made from different materials also looks great; such as ceramic, metal, or woven - ideal for displaying similar types of plants such as cacti.

Blue ceramic plant pots from China

Shimu is the home of oriental furniture and accessories, so you won’t be surprised that we think that blue ceramic plant pots from China make the perfect planters! Our collection of original antique and vintage pieces includes stunning terracotta pots which were originally used for storing oil or wine, but are now ideal for use indoors or outdoors as planters. As all of our antiques are unique and original, you’ll find that we have a varied selection, which often includes glazed earthenware pots, celadon glazed jars, charming wooden buckets and rice measures - all ideal for holding houseplants.

A collection of Chinese ceramics wouldn’t be complete, of course, without a selection of blue ceramic pots painted with traditional oriental designs. Created to replicate the heavy ceramic bowls that would have been used to house prized goldfish in China during the 17th century, these ceramic pots are now ideal for use as indoor planters. From traditional scenes of rural life, and elegant geometric patterns, to tranquil designs featuring fish, animals or flowers, there is a Chinese ceramic pot to suit every interior.

Shop at Shimu for blue ceramic planters

If you’re looking for a creative and elegant way to display plants in your home or garden, why not browse through our collection of blue ceramic planters? From delicately painted blue ceramic plant pots for house plants, to large blue ceramic planters, UK wide delivery is available on all of our products. Alternatively, why not come and see us in our light and airy showroom which is located in Albion Mills, Greengates, West Yorkshire?

The many designs and shapes of Chinese vases

The diverse shapes of Chinese vases reflect the evolution of Chinese ceramics in general and the cultural significance attributed to each form. The baluster vase, with its voluptuous body and narrow neck, is a classic shape, often used in pairs to symbolise unity. You’ll often see vases in this shape decorated in classic blue and white painted patterns.

The meiping vase, originally designed for holding plum wine, features a sleek, tall body with a narrow base, ideal for showcasing the elegance of a single branch of blossoms. The gourd-shaped vase, inspired by the natural form of a gourd, consists of a spherical lower body and a tapered upper section, symbolising fertility and abundance.

The yuhuchunping, or pear-shaped vase, with its graceful, rounded body tapering to a slender neck, was favoured for its aesthetic balance and simplicity. Each shape, whether created for practical use or purely for aesthetic appreciation, embodies the artistic sensibilities and philosophical concepts of the period in which it was crafted, making Chinese vases much more than objects for displaying flowers, but rather, embodiments of cultural expression.

Discover our range of beautiful blue and white Chinese vases

As the home of beautiful Chinese and oriental furniture, accessories and homewares, here at Shimu we offer a range of lovely blue and white Chinese vases for your home. Our collection includes something for all interiors, including imposing Zhu Fu vases and delicate bud vases, along with blue and white painted ceramic vase lamp bases.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect Chinese vase, why not browse our collections of furniture and accessories? With a wealth of superb quality options available through our online shop and at our showroom in Greengates, we have everything from original antique furniture pieces, to handmade ceramics, textiles, wall art and much more.

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