Wooden Buddha

Wooden Buddha

Wooden Buddha Statues

Buddha statues have been much-loved and revered part of Chinese and oriental homes for many centuries. Designed to bring feelings of serenity, peace and calm, a buddha statue makes the perfect eye-catching accessory for contemporary interiors. Here at Shimu we offer a wide range of buddha, from large buddha heads and wooden buddha statues, through to bronze Chinese buddha statues. Our range of high quality products includes both new and antique items, offering a wide choice of beautiful items for your home.


Buddhist art and sculpture

The religion of Buddhism began in India in the 5th century BC and over the centuries has spread throughout Asia to become the dominant religion in countries including Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Tibet. Thanks to the popularity of the Buddhist religion, statues of Buddha are instantly recognisable.

However, buddha statues come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, with the figure of buddha in standing or sitting poses. From hand carved wooden buddha statues and stone buddha heads, through to buddha bronzes, a diverse selection of these beautiful objects are widely available.

You might have noticed that buddha statues depict buddha standing in different poses. Each pose has its own significance which dictates where that particular figure should be placed in the home.

Statues which depict buddha as seated with one hand raised in blessing, for example, signifies protection which means that this type of statue could be particularly beneficial when placed opposite the front door. If you’d like buddha to bring you inner peace then a statue in the meditation pose can be placed in any quiet corner, whilst a buddha with hands folded in prayer must always sit above eye level as looking down on him is disrespectful.

Buddha statues make the perfect gift

There are many reasons to buy a buddha, not least in terms of their charming appearance. Buddha statues are often bought as an aid to meditation as it’s believed that focusing on the face of the statue will provide a source of calm and inspiration, helping the meditator to achieve enlightenment.

Buddha statues also make the perfect gift and are ideal for celebrating a wedding, moving into a new home or simply to bring joy. Buddha are, in fact, one of the most widely gifted items in the world, thanks to their unique ability to bring inspiration and hope to those who receive them. A beautiful buddha is the perfect addition to any home, bring a touch or originality combined with calming serenity - the ideal antidote to our hectic lifestyles.

What are buddha statues made from?

The materials used to make buddha statues are just as diverse as the statues themselves! The most expensive figures are gold plated, however the majority are made from more easily accessible mediums such as wood, clay or stone. It is also possible to find bronze buddha, or antique figures of buddha crafted from copper. A huge range of stunning traditional designs are available, from simple figures carved from stone, through to highly decorative statues.

Beautiful buddha statues for your home

Our collection of stunning statues and ornamental items includes everything from wooden buddha statues and bronze buddha, through to large buddha heads and stone carved figures of buddha.

  Our collection of buddha features both newly made and antique items, with a wide choice of stunning options for your home. Antique items are sourced by us directly from Asia and are chosen for their unique beauty and original charm. Newly made items are handcrafted by skilled craftsman who use traditional techniques and skills passed down through generations to create superb quality, timeless pieces.

  Whether you choose a wooden statue of buddha or an imposing buddha head, you’ll find it makes a wonderful addition to any room in your home. Buddha statues are perfect for complementing both oriental style and contemporary furniture, adding an eye-catching focal point to your interiors. Or why not consider using a pair of stone buddha figures as quirky bookends, or in pride of place on your mantelpiece?

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