Painted Sideboards

Painted Sideboard

Discover our range of beautiful painted sideboards

Chinese furniture makers have a long history of producing beautiful hand painted furniture, such as sideboards, cabinets and cupboards. Furniture would typically be decorated with scenes from rural life, floral designs or mountain landscapes, for example, before being finished with lacquer.

Although antique painted sideboards and cabinets may be a little faded today, they have their own unique charm, making them perfect for use as bold statement pieces in our modern homes. Here at Shimu we offer a wide range of stunning antique painted Chinese furniture and newly made items, with a diverse choice of items, ideal for all homes and interiors.

Chinese antique painted lacquered sideboards

Our collection of Chinese antiques often includes furniture produced in the Qinghai and neighbouring Gansu provinces. Many pieces are decorated with ornate painted designs before being finished with lacquer, and boast a thick, chunky wooden structure which would have been designed to withstand the regions’ harsh climates. These beautiful pieces of furniture now offer a wonderful way to bring a touch of unique history into your home.

Of course every item in our antiques collection is original and therefore unique. As such, our collection is ever-changing and usually includes a choice of stunning painted sideboards. Antique sideboards would have originally been used to store a wide range of items from grain and other foodstuffs, through to crockery and kitchen items.

Unlike the traditional sideboards we’re more familiar with in the West, the contents of many of these Chinese storage chests would have been accessed via removable boards inset into the top, rather than through doors on the front. We often come across antique sideboards in this type of design, however doors are fitted as a more recent addition to ensure the piece is better suited to contemporary living.

All of our antiques are sourced by us directly from China and each piece is carefully chosen for its unique beauty and original charm. If necessary, items are restored to return them to their former glory, however, we always aim to keep restoration to a minimum to ensure none of the unique patina is lost.

Newly made Chinese and oriental furniture

Alongside our range of original Chinese antiques, we also offer a wide range of superb quality new furniture which is handcrafted for us in China. Our newly made range is available in designs which replicate original styles and designs widely found in Chinese antiques. In addition, many designs have been created to give more contemporary versions of classic originals.

All items are made from solid reclaimed hardwoods and are crafted using traditional joinery techniques which have been handed down for generations. In addition, all pieces are beautifully finished with the addition of high quality brass hardware such as locks, handles and door hinges.

To complement our range of sideboards, we have a range of beautiful dining room and living room furniture, including side tables, chairs, storage cabinets, soft furnishings and much more.

Shop for painted sideboards at Shimu

As a leading retailer of Chinese antiques and newly made oriental furniture and homewares, we take pride in offering our customers a huge range of beautifully crafted products, including painted sideboards. All of the items we sell are available to order direct from our website for UK-wide delivery, or why not visit our light and airy showroom which is located in Albion Mills, Greengates, West Yorkshire?

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