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Suggested Reading about Chinese Furniture:

China Style

Sharon Leece. Michael Freeman - Periplus Editions (HK) Ltd., 2002

Chinese Furniture: A Guide to Collecting Antiques
Karen Mazurkewich - Tuttle Publishing, 2006

Chinese Provincial Furniture: Selections from the Late Qing Dynasty
Kimberly Hessler - Schiffer Publishing, 2007

Chinese Furniture
Craig Clunas - London: Bamboo Publishing Ltd., 1988.

Classic Chinese Furniture: Ming and Early Qing Dynasties
Wang Shixiang - Hong Kong: Joint Publishing (H.K.) Co. Ltd., 1988

Chinese Country Antiques: Vernacular Furniture and Accessories, c.1780 -1920
Andrea & Lynde McCormick - Schiffer Publishing, 2002

Old China / New Style: Antique Furniture & Accessories 1780 - 1930
Andrea & Lynde McCormick - Schiffer Publishing, 2005

Friends of the House: Furniture from China's Towns and Villages
Nancy Berliner & Sarah Handler - Salem: Peabody Essex Museum, 1995

C.L. Ma Collection: Traditional Chinese Furniture from the Greater Shanxi Region
Curtis Evarts - Hong Kong, C.L. Ma Furniture, 1999

Connoisseurship of Chinese Furniture
Wang Shixiang - 2 vols. Hong Kong: Joint Publishing (H.K.) Co., Ltd., 1990.

Chinese Classical Furniture
Grace Wu Bruce - Hong Kong: Oxford University Press, 1995

Useful online resources about Chinese furniture:

Wikipedia - Chinese Furniture 

Information on Chinese furniture from Wikepedia, the free encyclopedia

Classical Chinese Furniture
An excellent resource for information on Ming period Chinese furniture, outlining the history, construction, and materials used. The site also provides a list of resources and publications and links to other useful sites. 

Peabody Essex Museum 
A major museam of Chinese art and culture. Visit the site to explore the house of Yin Yu Tang, a Chinese merchant from the late Qing dynasty. 
A site dedicated to Asian art. This excellent resource provides articles, forums, galleries and details of exhibitions on all aspects of art from around Asia.