Oriental Stoneware

Oriental Stoneware and ceramicsBeautiful oriental stoneware and ceramics

The history of Chinese ceramics is a long and illustrious one which dates back many hundreds of years. Famed for their elegant designs and rich glazing, Chinese stoneware and porcelain vases and ornaments are perfect adding a touch of oriental style and elegance. At Shimu we have a wide range of handcrafted new and antique oriental stoneware and porcelain items. From vintage jars and vases, through to ceramic stools, umbrella stands and ornaments, our range has everything you need to create a stylish home.

Antique Chinese stoneware and ceramics

Although we would classify some oriental pottery as stoneware, these items would, in fact be classified as porcelain in China. Stoneware ceramics have been found in Chinese homes for centuries; from high-value wares designed for imperial use, thorough to everyday items. Appreciated for their lustrous glazes, Chinese stoneware items range from practical storage jars and pots used to store oil or ginger, for example, through to bowls and decorative items.

At Shimu we have a beautiful and ever-changing range of Chinese and oriental stoneware items for you to choose from. Each piece is carefully selected by us for its quality, before being shipped to the UK from China.

Antique stoneware items are very much at home in today’s interiors, providing a wonderful combination of eye-catching originality and modern practicality. Storage jars, for example, make wonderful vases, utensil holders or ornaments, whilst traditional ceramic stools can be used side tables either inside the home or outside in the garden during the warmer months.

New Chinese porcelain, ceramics and stoneware

To complement our range of antique items we also offer a wide range of high quality newly made ceramics, made using traditional techniques by skilled Chinese potters. From stylish ceramic stools and umbrella stands designed to replicate original blue and white designs, through to ornaments, vases and much more, our range has something to suit all interiors.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect oriental stoneware pieces for your home, why not browse through our range of furniture and accessories? We have one of the largest selections of antique Chinese furniture in the UK, along with a huge collection of handcrafted, newly made items, designed to replicate the elegance of traditional oriental designs. From living room and bedroom furniture, through to bookshelves, display cabinets and sideboards, our range is perfect for recreating the stylish simplicity of oriental interiors in your own home.

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Our range of oriental stoneware and ceramics is available to buy online for convenient home delivery. Alternatively, why not visit our light and airy showroom in Albion Mills, Greengates, West Yorkshire? Our showroom is home to the majority of our collections and offers a relaxing shopping experience, with plenty of on-site customer parking.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch by calling 0800 088 6800.

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