Blue Sideboard

Blue Sideboard

Discover our range of beautiful Chinese blue sideboards

At Shimu we offer a wide range of beautiful Chinese antique furniture for your home, including lacquered blue sideboards. As elegant as they are practical, these unique pieces of furniture are ideal for the hallway, living room, dining room or bedroom. Perfect for storing away unsightly clutter, a versatile sideboard makes a wonderful addition to modern interiors.


 Sideboards have been a much-loved feature of Chinese’s homes for many centuries and as such come in a huge range of designs and sizes. Our ever-changing range of antique pieces includes everything from ornately carved and lacquered sideboards, through to rustic pieces which have retained their well-worn charm.

The history of Chinese lacquered furniture

The history of creating decorative objects and furniture with lacquer dates back several thousands years in China. A range of different types of lacquer are used, including lacquers made from dried tree sap, other plants and insects. Designed to create a stunning lustrous finish, the application of lacquer is highly skilled and is a process which would have been lovingly carried out by experienced craftsmen. Once applied in multiple thin layers, lacquer forms a smooth hard and protective coating, which provided it dries slowly in humid conditions, is resistant to damp and heat.

Although the technique of lacquering was originally developed to provide a form of protection, the process quickly evolved into a popular way to enhance decorative objects and furniture. Craftsmen began to add coloured pigments to clear lacquer and the technique also started to be used to fix inlaid patterns made from shell or coloured stone.

Over the centuries China’s lacquer industry grew rapidly although it was a technique which was only used and enjoyed in the East. However, a dramatic change would take place in the 17th century with the arrival of the English and Dutch East India Companies who started bringing Chinese goods to markets in London and Amsterdam. The ancient Chinese art of lacquering proved incredibly popular and as demand spiralled, Chinese craftsmen began to create furniture designed to suit the tastes of Western buyers.

The rest, as they say, is history and we can now enjoy the beauty and charm of Chinese lacquered furniture, which is still widely appreciated today.

Antique furniture sourced from China

Here at Shimu we have many years of experience in sourcing the very best in antique furniture and decorative items directly from China. Each piece is sourced by us and is carefully chosen for it’s unique beauty and original charm. If necessary, items are restored to their former glory using traditional Chinese joinery skills and techniques.

Because each item in our antique furniture collection is unique, our range is constantly changing. With this in mind, if we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, please get in touch and we’ll aim to source it for you.

Chinese antiques are very much at home in our contemporary interiors as their simple lines and classical elegance make them perfect for complementing modern spaces. Our current collection of blue sideboards in the UK includes everything from simple rustic pieces, through to ornate items. Many of our sideboards retain their original lacquered finish, with our range of items including blue sideboards in a range of dark and lighter hues.

The perfect dark blue sideboard for your home

In addition to our range of antique Chinese furniture we also offer a wide range of stunning newly made pieces, many of which are designed to replicate antique designs. Our Beijing Blue Collection, for example, has been skilfully made by hand using chunky reclaimed pine, before being decorated with distressed black lacquer and contrasting light blue doors.

We also offer a beautiful collection of superb quality accessories and decorative items including ceramics, textiles, lighting, wall panels, wall art and ornaments. Featuring a wonderful mix of both new and antique items, our collections of furniture and accessories include beautiful pieces to suit all homes and interiors.


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