Oriental Bedside Tables

Oriental Bedside Tables

Oriental Bedside Tables and Pillow Boxes

The history of Chinese traditional furniture in the bedroom can be traced back 1000s of years. Because Chinese civilisation, economy and society was so well developed, Ming dynasty furniture personified the peak of Chinese furniture design, and the manufacturing techniques utilised in traditional Chinese furniture are still used. The aesthetic values are nowadays reflected in more robust modern pieces of furniture, designed for day to day life in the 21st Century.

Those amongst us who value the traditional Chinese style might use an oriental bedside table without thinking, to hold a watch, wallet, phone or glass of water. The bedside table is there so we can safely keep things overnight without fear of losing them.

In ancient China, the fears that drove people to use some bedside storage were far greater than ours. It wasn't uncommon for pillow boxes to be utilised. Pillow boxes had dual uses.

Often ancient Chinese pillows were made of wood, stone, copper or porcelain. These hard materials were perfect for keeping cool during hot summers, and they helped keep ancient Chinese people's hair from getting messy. Cherishing hair was seen as a sign of self-respect, and long hair formed into an 'updo' was very popular.

Another important use of pillow boxes was to be able to keep important deeds, official certificates and family documents safe. Typically Chinese houses were not locked and secured from intruders, so the box owner would rest their head on the concave lid of the pillow box at night to protect the household valuables from theft.

The pillow box can be seen in this respect as the forerunner of the modern oriental bedside table, (as well as the forerunner of our soft modern pillows!).

Modern Chinese Bedside Tables

Nowadays, we prefer softer pillows, and whilst we don't feel the need to literally sleep over our valuables, we still recognise it's useful to have them close at hand when we sleep. Because of this, we've put together a great range of oriental bedside tables, ranging from lacquered stools, through to natural and painted cabinets, butterfly drawers, carved side tables and trunks. These bedside tables are perfect for adding a touch of Chinese glamour to your bedroom, and are a mix of new items, made using traditional joinery techniques with reclaimed hardwood, through to antique Chinese items which have been selected by us for their unique design, and lovingly restored by skilled craftsmen.

To match our Chinese bedside units, we sell a wider range of Chinese beds and daybeds, Chinese chests of drawers, oriental dressing tables and Chinese wardrobes.

We also offer a collection of stunning accessories and homeware including rugs, vases, lighting, wall art, cushions, throws and much, much more.

Visit Shimu for the one of the largest ranges of Chinese bedroom furniture in the UK

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