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Oriental Armoires: Unique Storage for Modern Homes

Offering a unique combination of original history and unique design, oriental armoires are the perfect storage solution for modern homes and contemporary interiors. Originally used to store folded garments, fabric or valuable items, oriental armoires were highly sought-after pieces of furniture, often presented as a wedding gift, intended to be passed down through the generations.

Here at Shimu, we offer a wide and ever-changing collection of original antique oriental armoires available in a selection of beautiful designs, styles and sizes. With options to suit all homes and interiors, choosing an oriental armoire offers a beautiful way to bring a touch of unique oriental history into your home.

The Rich History of Oriental Armoires

Oriental armoires are a captivating blend of artistry and utility, embodying the rich history and craftsmanship of the East. Originating from countries like China, Japan, and Korea, these exquisite pieces of furniture have been an integral part of Asian households for centuries. As already mentioned, traditionally, they were used to store clothing and valuable possessions, often serving as a status symbol for the affluent.

Many armoires are decorated with intricate designs, often featuring motifs like dragons, phoenixes, and floral patterns, reflecting the cultural significance and folklore of their place of origin. Richly coloured lacquers were also often used to decorate armoires and cabinets, adding an additional layer of depth and elegance to the overall appearance of the piece. Although our range of oriental armoires changes according to what we have in stock at the time, you’ll find that we often have a selection of beautiful lacquered pieces to choose from.

The construction of an oriental armoire is a meticulous process that demands a high level of skill and attention to detail. Craftsmen favoured indigenous woods like rosewood, teak, and elm, which were appreciated for their durability and rich hues. Wood was carefully selected, seasoned, and then hand-carved with intricate designs. Highly skilled joinery techniques were used by craftsmen without the use of nails or screws, instead utilising mortice and tenon joints to hold separate pieces together. Not only did this approach result in robust construction, but it also enabled wooden furniture to expand and contract in the humid Asian climate. Finishing touches often included hand-painted details or inlaid mother-of-pearl, making each armoire a unique masterpiece.

Practical Ideas for Contemporary Homes

In Chinese homes of the past, clothing and textiles would have been stored carefully folded and then placed on shelves, instead of being hung from rails as is the tradition in the West. It is for this reason that oriental armoires have internal shelves, rather than the hanging rails we’re more familiar with. This aspect of their design makes them no less useful in modern interiors and armoires are perfect for storing a wide range of household items, including bed linen, folded clothing, accessories or books...the possibilities are endless!

Here at Shimu, we think these wonderful pieces of furniture are perfect for creating the ultimate statement in a room. Thanks to their simple elegance and clean lines, armoires look stunning when situated in modern interiors, or alongside other antiques in a more traditional setting. Equally at home in the living room, bedroom, hallway or kitchen, oriental armoires are a testament to the incredible skill and design flair of craftsmen whose techniques are just as much appreciated today as they were centuries ago.

Shimu: The Home of Oriental Antiques and Interior Design

We offer a wide range of beautiful antique furniture, carefully curated to help you create a unique and stylish home. From stunning oriental armoires and Chinese wedding cabinets to dining tables, bookcases and storage trunks our furniture collections include something to suit all tastes and interiors.

In addition, our Chinese classical furniture collection features a wide range of new furniture which is handmade in China in a collection of styles, many of which are based on original designs. Offering the very best in contemporary practicality and elegant oriental design, our Chinese classical furniture collection covers bedroom furniture, storage, tables, seating and much more.

Last but by no means least, once you’ve chosen the perfect oriental armoire for your home, why not take a look at our range of superb quality homewares and accessories? Including everything you need to create a stylish and welcoming home, our homewares collections offer ceramics, wall art, lighting, bedding, soft furnishings, gifts and home fragrances.


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