Chinese Living Room Furniture

Chinese Living Room Furniture

Chinese living room furniture, whether comprised of traditional Chinese antique furniture or more modern pieces designed to reflect the traditional Chinese aesthetic, has become a popular choice for interior designers and home-makers the world over. Whilst in ancient China, the most expensive pieces of furniture were to be found in the hall, (that being the general living space), modern houses separate off different spaces for different purposes, with the living room often being the 'best' room in the house.

Shimu sell a wide variety of Chinese furniture aimed at enhancing your living room, from reproduction or antique pieces of furniture ideally utilised as oriental TV cabinets, through to oriental coffee tables and oriental side tables in new and antique designs, all intended to bring a touch of Chinese elegance to your home.

Chinese Living Room Furniture Materials and Construction

Traditionally, during the Ming and Qing dynasties (from mid 1300's all the way up to 1910), most furniture that we now would use in the living room would be hand made using rosewood or other high quality hardwood. The reason living room furniture from these periods is still popular is the exquisite craftsmanship using mortice and tenon joints, simple style and elegance, and their enduring influence on modern furniture making techniques.

Antique Chinese Living Room Furniture

The raw materials necessary to make traditional Chinese living room furniture have now become rare and expensive. Luckily, the furniture made from rose wood and other hardwoods is not only beautiful, but endurable too. The hardness and corrosion resistant qualities of these two woods utilised in Chinese furniture have made traditionally made, antique Chinese living room furniture more sought after, as good quality pieces can still be found in remarkably good condition.

At Shimu we specialise in the finest affordable Chinese antique furniture, originating from the 18th Century through to the early 20th Century. Our team of pickers and suppliers in China make it easy to create an eye-catching statement in your living room, with some well curated Chinese design.

Enduring Chinese craftsmanship for your living room

Recognised as the perfect way to bring the calm and elegance of ancient Chinese interiors into you home, stunning antique Chinese sideboards, antique Chinese cabinets and antique Chinese blanket boxes make beautiful additions to the modern living room. The fact that craftsmen from hundreds of years ago, (and thousands of miles away), spent not only years in perfecting their craft, but spent hours and hours making the very Chinese trunk or cabinet that you have in your living room, makes it all the more important that these pieces of antique Chinese furniture are utilised and enjoyed in our living rooms today. Maybe they'll be around for another few hundred years hence, which is unlikely ever to be said about the 'throw away' Ikea sofa that it possibly sits next to in your living room.