Antique Bedside Cabinet

~Antique Bedside Cabinet

Enhance Your Bedroom With An Antique Bedside Cabinet

There are few things as lovely as a beautiful bedroom which has been specially designed to offer a relaxing space to unwind in. Here at Shimu we offer a collection of elegant bedroom furniture, including a selection of unique and original antique bedside cabinets from China, to help you create the perfect bedroom. With a wide range of stunning pieces to choose from, our range of antique furniture for bedrooms includes side tables, small cabinets and stools, all ideal for use as bedside storage.

Shimu - The Home of Antique Chinese Bedside Cabinets And Furniture

Antique bedside cabinets offer a stunning combination of both aesthetic elegance and practical design for modern interiors. These pieces originate from a rich heritage of woodworking and design, exemplified by the use of classical joinery techniques and natural wood finishes.

When it comes to creating a beautiful bedroom, antique side tables, stools, and small cabinets sourced directly from China are ideal for use as eye-catching and unique bedside storage. Unlike conventional bedside tables, these antiques bring with them a story and a character that can transform the feel of your bedroom.

Chinese antique bedside cabinets are as elegant as they are practical. Often featuring a combination of drawers and sometimes an enclosed compartment, they can be used to provide ample storage for bedside essentials, whilst the top surface offers a stable platform for lamps, books, and other personal items.

Antique stools are perfect for use as bedside tables and thanks to their simplicity of design, are particularly suited to contemporary or country-style interiors. A hand-crafted antique stool, often made from elm or rosewood, can be easily moved and adapted to various uses around the home, not just beside the bed. In addition, their robust construction ensures durability while understated design allows them to blend with both traditional and contemporary decors.

Placing these antique pieces next to modern beds offers a visual contrast that highlights the unique texture, patina and colours of the antique wood. It's also a nod to sustainable furnishing, as repurposing vintage furniture reduces the demand for new resources, breathing new life into original items with a long history.

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Whether you’re looking for a statement piece for your living room, or traditional country-style furniture to enhance your contemporary home, you’ll find our collection offers a very special range of unique Chinese antiques, alongside antique ceramics and decorative objects.

Accessories for homewares, inspired by Oriental design

Here at Shimu we offer one of the largest ranges of original Chinese furniture and antiques in the UK. From bedside cabinets and side tables to bed-frames, storage trunks and wardrobes, our ever-changing collection of beautiful antiques offers the perfect way to create a unique and relaxing bedroom.

All of our antiques are sourced by us directly from China and each item is carefully chosen for its quality and charm. Pieces are only restored if absolutely necessary and when restoration is carried out, the craftsmen we work with take great care to ensure none of the original patina or character is lost.

In addition to our collection of antiques, we also offer a wide range of suburb quality hand-crafted new furniture. From reclaimed wood furniture to reproduction items, designed to replicate Chinese originals, our furniture collections include stunning pieces perfect for contemporary and traditional interiors alike.


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