Buddha Head

buddha head

Add a touch of oriental style to your home with an ornamental Buddha head

Adding a Buddha head to your living space is the perfect way to bring a touch of calm and serenity into our hectic lives. Buddha figures been an important feature of Chinese homes for many centuries and would have been a common site everywhere from humble houses, through to royal palaces.

Buddha is synonymous with tranquillity and figures representing his image offer a timely reminder of how beneficial stillness and calm can be. Here at Shimu our collection includes a selection of beautiful Buddha head ornaments and seated Buddha made from solid stone. Placing one in the hallway, living room or bedroom not only adds a welcome feeling of quietude and stillness, but also acts as helpful prompt, encouraging rest and relaxation.  

Why Buddha heads and statues?

Buddhism originates from the Indian subcontinent during the 5th and 6th centuries BCE. Over the centuries Buddhism has gradually spread throughout Asia and is now one of the world’s most popular religions, whilst becoming the dominant religion in countries including Burma, Thailand and Nepal.

Different Buddha statues depict Buddha in different ways and are designed to not only depict his physical appearance, but to also provide a symbol of his teachings, inner calm, peace and a motivational presence.

Buddhists believe that by praying in front of a Buddha statue, it is possible to achieve inner satisfaction which then leads to a peaceful heart, mind and soul. Furthermore, Buddha heads and statues are intended as a reminder or trigger to encourage the preservation of spiritual vows and the practice of meditation.

Stone Buddha heads and statues are widely used in meditation as it is believed that meditating in front of Buddha helps focus, making it easier to reach the higher levels of meditation and enlightenment as achieved by Buddha himself.

Buddha sculptures in the home or garden

Decorative Buddha statues are perfect for enhancing your indoor and outdoor living areas, adding a touch of calm and a serene focal point. A large stone sitting Buddha makes an impressive garden statue and is ideal for creating an eye-catching point of interest. Or, for smaller gardens, why not choose a small stone Buddha as a garden ornament?

Buddha statues also look beautiful in contemporary or more traditional interior settings. Large Buddha statues can be placed in the corner of a room, or why not place one on a sideboard or mantelshelf?

Buy Buddha heads and stone Buddha statues from Shimu

At Shimu we have a wide range of beautiful Chinese and oriental Buddha heads and statues available to order direct from our website, or for purchase from our showroom in Albion Mills, Greengates, West Yorkshire.

From hand carved wooden Buddha figures and stone Buddha heads in a range of sizes, through to imposing hand finished gold cast statues of Buddha, our collection includes something to suit all homes and interiors.

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