Lacquer Cabinets

Beautiful Chinese lacquer cabinets for your home

Lacquered furniture is synonymous with Chinese furniture design and antiques; instantly bringing to mind the elegance and opulence of oriental interiors. Choosing a Chinese lacquer cabinet is the perfect way to replicate the beauty of Chinese style in your own home; adding an eye-catching focal point to a living room, dining room or bedroom. Here at Shimu we are one of the largest suppliers of oriental furniture and accessories in the UK. Our range of antiques and newly made furniture offers a selection of superb quality lacquered furniture, including cabinets, trunks, sideboards, console tables and much more.


Chinese lacquered furniture

Lacquering is a technique which was invented in China, possibly as early as the Shang Dynasty, as a way to provide furniture with a waterproof protective layer. However, the lacquering process quickly became a fashionable way to enhance the look of objects and embellish them; either through coloured lacquer, or to hold in place inlays of coloured stone or shell.

Over the centuries, the Chinese lacquer industry would expand and develop, to the point where lacquered objects would rival bronze as a way for the elite to make offerings during ancestral ceremonies. In addition, thanks to the lacquer’s waterproofing qualities, pristine examples have been found by archaeologists which date back as far as the late 5th century BC.

Although lacquering was the preserve of oriental craftsmen, lacquered pieces would find a new and very appreciative audience in Europe as the English and Dutch East India Companies started to import goods into markets in London and Amsterdam. Lacquered furniture and other items became sought after extremely quickly and thanks to the fascination surrounding lacquer, Chinese craftsmen began to create lacquered furniture in styles specifically designed to appeal to Western tastes.

Even though lacquered furniture was being produced for Western markets, oriental-inspired motifs and designs remained very popular and would have a significant impact upon European furniture design for many years to come. In fact, richly decorated Chinese lacquer cabinets and furniture are just as prized by discerning collectors today as they were in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Antique Lacquered Cabinets

At Shimu we have an ever-changing selection of original Chinese antiques which often includes beautiful lacquer cabinets. As each antique is, of course, unique, the selection we have in stock depends on what we have available at the time. Offering the perfect way to choose a piece of history for your home, our antique lacquered cabinet selection often includes altar cabinets, wedding cabinets and sideboards.

Every piece in our antique furniture collection has been carefully chosen by us and is sourced directly from China. If necessary, items are lovingly restored before being shipped to the UK. However, restoration is only carried out if absolutely necessary and work is completed out by skilled craftsmen who are experts in returning items to their former glory, but without losing any of the original patina or charm.

Although the beautiful lacquered, painted and embellished finishes of Chinese antiques wears away over time, this simply adds to their unique charm and originality. Original Chinese lacquer cabinets now make wonderful statement pieces for modern homes and interiors, providing practical storage with an added touch of history.

Exclusive lacquered furniture

If you’re looking for newly made lacquered furniture with a classical twist, then look no further than our Shanxi Painted Furniture and Chinese Classical Furniture collections. Featuring superb quality pieces made in China from reclaimed hardwoods by skilled craftsman, these collections offer the perfect way to add a touch of oriental style to your home.

The Shanxi Painted Furniture collection includes a selection of beautiful lacquer cabinets finished in either cream, red or black lacquer and decorated with opulent gold leaf. Each piece is hand painted in classic designs originating from Shanxi province which is renowned in China for the beauty and quality of its furniture.

Our Chinese Classical Furniture collection is our signature range, designed to offer a selection of pieces with a timeless appeal. This collection includes lacquered wedding cabinets, Chinese-style television cabinets, and tall cabinets suitable for use as wardrobes. Pieces are available in black, red or cream lacquered finishes in designs created to replicate Chinese originals.

Whether you’re looking for an original antique, or have something a little more contemporary in mind, our range of Chinese and oriental furniture has something to suit all homes and interiors. All items are available to buy directly from our website for UK-wide delivery, or if you prefer, why not visit our light and airy showroom in Albion Mills, Greengates in West Yorkshire?


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