Chinese Artwork

Chinese Artwork

Beautiful Chinese artwork for your home

Our collection of beautiful Chinese wall art includes a wealth of beautiful options for your home. China has long tradition of creating stunning artwork dating back thousands of years. Paintings and calligraphy would have been used to decorate high status homes, with beautiful works of art including portraits, and subject matters based on images from the natural world. From ancestor paintings based on traditional Chinese artwork, through to embroidered silk pictures, photographic prints and wooden wall panels, our collection has something to suit all tastes and budgets.


Chinese art prints

Ancestor paintings formed an important part of the ancient Chinese practice of ancestor worship in which families would worship their ancestors and give them offerings. Portraits of ancestors were usually life sized and painted from the front, depicting the subject in a seated pose and wearing robes according to their social rank.

Original ancestor paintings are now incredibly rare and as such are highly sought after. It’s possible to see original ancestor paintings in museums and art galleries such as the V&A or the Metropolitan Museum of Art. So if you’d like to add one to your home, our superb quality reproductions offer the perfect way to add a touch of Chinese art history to your home. Even though our ancestor paintings are reproductions, each one is an accurate version of an original and as such every picture has slight variations.

We also offer a selection of beautiful reproduction prints which are painted onto silk and feature well known Chinese art forms such as butterflies, birds and flowers. Many artistic art forms are incorporated into Chinese paintings because they have a particular meaning; butterflies, for example, are a symbol of long life and marital happiness, whilst peony flowers denote high status and rank. These prints are beautifully detailed as the watercolour paint is applied using traditional Chinese brushes, whilst the silk is backed with rice paper to enhance detail and the vibrant colours. Our Chinese prints are available in a stunning collection of designs and a range of size options, making them the perfect addition to your home.

For a wall feature with a luxurious and opulent look, our silk embroidery pictures make a wonderful addition to a living room or bedroom. These delicate and beautifully crafted embroidered pictures depict floral designs and are based upon original designs created by Chinese artists skilled in embroidery techniques. Our embroidered silk pictures are supplied fully mounted and are framed in superb quality wooden frames designed to complement their rich colours and opulent surface texture.

Wooden wall panels

If you’re looking for Chinese wall art with a difference, our collection of carved wooden wall panels could offer a stylish solution. Our collection of wooden wall panels includes both original antique pieces and newly made items. Our antiques are sourced by us directly from China and are lovingly restored to their former glory without losing any of their original charm or unique patina. New pieces are handmade for us in China from reclaimed hardwoods by skilled craftsmen who are highly experienced in using original carving and carpentry techniques. Our collection of carved lattice window panels is available in a wide range of sizes and stunning carved designs, making these unique objects perfect for creating a focal point to your interiors.

Alongside our collection of Chinese wall art, we also offer a wide range of antique furniture, reproduction furniture, contemporary furniture, accessories and homewares. From stunning furniture for your living spaces, through to accessories designed to help you create a stylish and welcoming home, we have everything you need to bring a touch of oriental design into your interiors.

Beautiful Chinese artwork delivered direct to your door

At Shimu we are proud to offer a stunning collection of Chinese antiques and reproduction pieces available for direct delivery to your home. We offer UK wide delivery at competitive prices. Alternatively, why not visit our light and airy showroom at Albion Mills, Greengates, West Yorkshire?


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