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Crabs, Mooncakes and some Special Antiques

I just have time to update the blog while enjoying a couple of ‘mooncakes’ given to me by the lady how owns one of the antique warehouses I visited earlier. Today is the mid-Autumn festival in China, a public holiday (though thankfully...

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Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Fair, Skies Stormy

I arrived in Shanghai late Friday afternoon, just in time to witness a huge thunder storm over the city that caused chaos on the roads and for those trying to get home from work on the city’s underground. Michael ,...

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Oriental style decor

We celebrate the opulent interiors of David Collins

The architect and interior designer David Collins died last month and this blog entry celebrates one of his creations – the restaurant Bob Bob Ricard in London, which showcases Oriental themes. David Collins was known for his opulent designs, often...

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Homes & Antiques

How we get press coverage

Like any small business, we’re always looking for ways to get our message out to new customers and to remind existing clients of the great stuff we have in stock. I like to think we’re pretty on the ball when it...

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