Check out our ‘Beijing Stock’ and choose from our widest ever selection of Chinese antiques

Check out our ‘Beijing Stock’ and choose from our widest ever selection of Chinese antiques

Did you know that, as well as ordering from the wide range of Chinese antique furniture that we stock here in the UK, you can also now view and choose from hundreds of cabinets, sideboards, tables, chairs, chests and accessories that are available at any time with our selected suppliers in China

We set up the new ‘Beijing Stock’ section of our website at the end of last year in order to greatly expand the selection of Chinese antiques that we can offer. This part of our site is updated regularly with all the latest pieces that come available as soon as they have been restored by craftsmen in the Beijing workshops that we have dealt with over many years. There are now over 300 pieces to view and order in this section which we believe, added to the 200 or so antiques that we hold in the UK, make the Shimu Chinese antique collection the most extensive in the UK.

While the delivery time for these pieces will be longer than for our usual furniture (usually 6 to 12 weeks depending on our shipping schedule), this facility means that you are far more likely to find that beautiful, one off piece with a real wow factor to exactly fit your requirements.

The antiques currently on offer in Beijing include beautifully restored armoires from Shanxi, refinished grain cabinets from Gansu province in a distressed blue finish, rustic carved tables from Shaanxi and a wide selection of elm stools and pairs of traditional yoke-back chairs. There are also several black lacquer blanket trunks available – each brightly painted with scenes from Chinese opera, as well as small accessories – boxes, baskets and new ceramics.

Carved Temple Cabinet from Shaanxi Province
Carved Temple Cabinet from Shaanxi Province Detail of Carved Temple Cabinet
Detail of Carved Temple Cabinet

As well as the more standard antiques that are similar to our usual UK stock, having this arrangement in place with our suppliers allows us to offer some more rare or unusual pieces – ones that we wouldn’t normally ship to the UK without having a buyer first. One such item is this wonderful large carved temple cabinet from Shaanxi province – home of the ancient Chinese capital of Xian. At least 150 years old and thought to be much older, the cabinet still has its original lacquer. The two central narrow doors and outer panels are framed with ornate and exquisite deep carvings showing animals and flowers – typical of furniture from the region. Evidently made by a master craftsman, only a limited number of similar pieces were produced. I have seen only one other cabinet like this over ten years of visiting antique suppliers in China and this one is by far the most intact and the most attractive. At over five feet wide and five feet high it will require a large space to house it and has a price tag to match its rarity, but it is a piece that is only likely to increase in value. Certainly a dramatic statement piece in the right setting.

We have just finished adding another thirty or so antiques into our ‘Beijing Stock’ and will continue to update the site every few weeks. If you can’t find what you are looking for amongst our new furniture and UK stock of antiques and are happy to wait for the right piece, make sure you check this part of our site regularly for all the latest finds.

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