Creating the Perfect Home-Working Space

Creating the Perfect Home-Working Space

Once considered a luxury, these strange new times have made a home office a must-have for many of us. If you’re working from home, a quiet zone where you can work without interruption is essential. But how to create a workspace that suits your style and your space? Here, we consider the key elements for a stylish and productive working area.


The best option is a spare room which can act as a dedicated home office. This gives you many advantages: not least a door you can close to deter interruptions and questions from eager homeschoolers!

Narwana Leather Desk ChairIf your house is small, or you have to keep an eye on small children, you may have to settle for a workspace in a corner of the kitchen or living room. In that case, make it clear to everyone else in the home that, during work hours, this is your ‘office’ and must only be entered with permission.Yoke-Back Side Chair


Buy the best chair you can afford, making sure it’s comfortable and supportive. In style terms, it’s more aesthetically pleasing to match your chair to the rest of the room’s furniture, but don’t compromise on comfort. If you suffer from back pain or expect to be seated for long periods, you may be wise to consider an ergonomically designed chair from a specialist retailer.

Otherwise, our chic Narwana leather desk chair (left )is just the ticket for a modern interior. For a more traditional home, make a statement with an occasional chair like this yoke-back side chair (right) in warm elm.


Work out how much space you need before choosing a desk. Do you have piles of paperwork? A large computer and printer? Or is room for a laptop and a cup of coffee your only requirement?

Home Office Desks
We love the contrast of modern chair with antique desk – take a look at this gorgeous elm desk from 1880 (above left) featuring stripped back lacquer and horseshoe feet. For contemporary style, how about this practical desk with three industrial metal drawers and a smooth mango wood top (above centre)? Or for something completely different, we adore this unusual desk in distressed grey lacquer, whose top surface incorporates two removable panels, each beautifully decorated with traditional paintings of flower vases (above right). 


For mood and productivity, nothing beats natural light. If you can situate yourself by a window, let the light flood in and use mirrors to bounce it around the room. This Murzu mirror (below centre) with three glass columns and an iron frame is absolutely stunning.

Home Office LightingFor additional light, a classic desk lamp never goes out of style. The Biri desk lamp (above left) is one of our favourites. An iconic design, the aged silver finish gives it a timeless quality that we love. For added drama, match with the floor lamps in the same range, or try the Oboro film light (above right) and get ready for your close up! 


Paperwork needs to be accessible yet easily tidied away. If you’re the sort of person who orders your bookshelf by colour and has a labelled binder for every filing eventuality, open shelving might be an option. This gorgeous antique elm bookshelf with drawers would be ideal.

Carved Antique Chinese Shanxi CabinetFor the messier among us, drawers or doors are a necessity. A traditional Chinese cabinet is both beautiful and practical, creating a wonderful focal point as well as useful storage. This antique elm Shanxi cabinet has wonderful relief carvings showing flowers and vases and would be ideal for storing files and papers. Our classic black lacquer Chinese cabinets are consistently popular as home office storage, and our stylish wooden filing cabinets, in two sizes, offer a beautiful way to organise your paperwork.


Bring a little frivolity to your workspace with accessories that make you smile. Our very popular bronze Tang horse is certain to lift your spirits when you glance in its direction. Or fill our Affiti clay planters with an easy to care for house plant and reconnect with nature.

If you’re in need of some calm after your fifth Zoom call of the day, consider our range of Buddhas carved from wood or stone, or cast in bronze. The presence of a Buddha in your home is said to bring serenity and peace – something we all need a little of at the moment! 

Buddha figures

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