Autumnal reds to warm up your home

Autumnal reds to warm up your home

Now the weather is getting colder, our thoughts naturally turn to the onset of autumn and all that represents. The nights are drawing in, children are collecting conkers and bonfire night is around the corner.

Red is the quintessential autumn colour: the colour of fallen leaves, rosy apples and Malbec by the fire. In Chinese culture, red symbolises good luck and happiness. In this blog post, we celebrate red in interior design and consider how it can be used to warm up our homes this autumn.

Mobali throw

The easiest and most obvious seasonal update is with cushions and soft furnishings. Who can resist a cosy pile of cushions scattered extravagantly across a sofa? Shimu's Kamba jute cushions (pictured at the top) and Talani cushions and textiles add a striking counterpoint and can be complemented with a snuggly throw like this Mobali linen throw in earthy red on the left.

Rugs are also a great way to add a splash of autumn colour to a decorating scheme. Red, pinks and burgundies feature in Shimu's pretty striped Ainslie rug. Made from loom-knotted 100% wool pile, it's supersoft underfoot.

Looking for a more traditional style? Shimu's Taj Agra rugs are one-of-a-kind, hand-woven rugs made from 100% antique washed wool. The designs echo the traditional Moghul style of central Asia and feature a variety of floral motifs.

For a bold statement, nothing can beat a classic lacquered Chinese cabinet. Shimu is the leading stockist of chinese antique furniture in the UK, and holds an outstanding selection of antique Chinese cabinets.

As well as Chinese antiques, Shimu also stocks interpretations and reproductions of traditional Chinese designs. The newly launched Jiang Red & Black Collection is a range of cabinets and sideboards made from elm. Each one is finished in classic red or black lacquer and features a rattan panel set into the top frame. The doors have circular plates and hinges in blackened brass, fusing classic oriental style with a more modern feel.

Red lacquer cabinet
On the left is an example from the Jiang Red & Black range. This pretty sideboard has two central doors and useful drawers above, and would be ideal in a living room or bedroom to add a touch of oriental style.

Red lacquer is a common feature in Chinese furniture design. Many of Shimu's antique pieces display once vivid, now beautifully faded lacquer. From this quaint antique blanket box with paintings of pheasants and chrysanthemums, to this grand armoire (wedding cabinet) with its original decoration of 'miao jin' style gilded paintings, you'll find a stunning selection of red lacquer antique Chinese cabinets and sideboards to complement your autumnal colour scheme.

Feeling inspired? Don't forget to send us your pictures of Shimu pieces in your home, whether antique furniture, reproductions of classics, or oriental-inspired accessories. Post them on Facebook or Instagram and tag us, or simply email them to

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