Embrace the Natural Beauty of Spring With Dulux Colour of the Year 2024

Embrace the Natural Beauty of Spring With Dulux Colour of the Year 2024

Dulux Colour of the Year for 2024 has been revealed as Sweet Embrace, a delightful blossom pink and chosen by Dulux for its ‘kind, delicate tone that brinks a feeling of positivity into our lives’. Now spring is finally here and we can start looking forward to blue skies and warmer weather (fingers crossed!), we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate the uplifting beauty of pink by exploring its use in Chinese design and taking a look at how the colour is an important element in interiors inspired by the orient.

Delicate and subtle, the colour pink has long been a popular choice for the painted decorations adorning antique Chinese furniture. There’s more to the popularity of pink in Chinese furniture making as it is deeply rooted in the cultural and symbolic significance that colours hold in Chinese tradition. Pink, often associated with joy, love, and the feminine, brings a sense of warmth and life to the intricate designs and motifs that decorate these unique and beautiful pieces.

Pink Bamboo and Butterflies Painting

In antique Chinese furniture, pink is often blended harmoniously with other colours to depict scenes from nature, mythology, and everyday life. The application of pink is not uniform; its shades vary from the softest pastels reminiscent of Sweet Embrace, to more vibrant tones, each adding a layer of depth to the artwork.

The presence of pink in antique Chinese furniture highlights the sophisticated understanding of colour psychology and aesthetics that ancient craftsmen possessed. It reflects their ability to manipulate colour to evoke specific feelings and to enhance the symbolic value of their work. In doing so, they created pieces that combined visual appeal and cultural significance, allowing them to be cherished for generations.

When you think of Chinese furniture, the chances are that rich shades of red, glossy black, gold or white spring to mind. However, as we’ve seen, pastel shades do play an important role in the design and decoration of Chinese furniture as can be seen in many decorated antique sideboards, trunks, wedding cabinets and other traditional pieces. Painted floral designs are commonplace, with soft pinks and greens used to highlight lotus flowers, chrysanthemums or cherry blossom, often contrasting with the dark lacquered wood they are set against.

Ceramic Stool With Peakcock

Blossom pink can also be found in Chinese ceramics where it is used to portray the delicate beauty of blooms such as peonies, lotus flowers or cherry blossom, whilst the use of the colour pink is also a recurring theme in Chinese wall art. From traditional ceramic stools and table lamps, to embroidered pictures and silk paintings, the delicate natural beauty of pale pink is the perfect foil for the elegance and nature-inspired themes of oriental design.

How To Use Blossom Pink In Your Home

Incorporating pale pink into contemporary and traditional interiors offers a versatile palette that can breathe life and warmth into any space. In contemporary settings, pale pink acts as a subtle counterpoint to minimalist designs, introducing a soft touch of colour that enhances without overwhelming. It pairs beautifully with neutral tones like grey, white, and beige, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. Accents in pale pink, such as cushions, rugs, or a statement piece of art, can add a layer of sophistication and a hint of modernity.

In traditional interiors, pale pink finds its strength in its ability to blend with rich, deeper colours such as navy, emerald green, or burgundy, offering a refreshing contrast that highlights the elegance and depth of classic design elements. Utilising pale pink in fabrics, like draperies or upholstery, alongside dark wood furniture, can illuminate and soften the space, making it feel more open and airy.

As you can see, pink has been a firm favourite with design connoisseurs for centuries. Offering a unique combination of delicate beauty combined with soft simplicity, choosing furniture or homewares decorated with a touch of pink offers a wonderful way to bring a breath of fresh spring air into your home.


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