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stone horses

Discover our collection of beautiful Chinese stone horse ornaments

Horses have been revered in Chinese culture for thousands of years and are believed to be man’s most devoted partner. As such, horses have long inspired Chinese craftsmen to create beautiful sculptures, ceramics and bronzes. Here at Shimu we offer a collection of beautiful horse figures, from charming small stone horses and bronze horse ornaments, through to large sculptures of horses, perfect for use as garden ornaments.

The history of horses in Chinese art

Traditional Chinese culture considers horses to be the most important domestic animal, representing the image of integrity, power, diligence and courage. Amongst early Chinese tribes, when a leader died, it was traditional for their horse to killed and then buried alongside them so that they could accompany each other into the afterlife. In later centuries, however, this practice fell out of favour and sculptures of horses were used instead.

Until the time of the Han Dynasty, from 206 BC to AD 222, large horses were unknown in China. Instead, small stocky ponies were commonplace. This was to change when two expeditions sent by Emperor Wu to Turkmenistan returned with larger horses. This new statuesque breed of horse was widely celebrated in early Oriental art, with the well-known Flying Horse with one leg on a swallow created during the Eastern Han Dynasty. Figures of Flying Horses have been widely reproduced ever since, thanks to their elegance and powerful good looks.

It was the Tang Dynasty from AD 618 to 907 which saw the creation of the some of the finest horse figures and this period represents a golden age in Chinese art. The iconic glazed ceramic Tang horse figures of the Tang Dynasty can be found in museum collections around the world and their graceful yet simple appearance is still replicated in contemporary Chinese ceramics.

Buy beautiful ceramic horse sculptures for your home

At Shimu we have a wide range of stunning Chinese horse figures available to buy in a wide range of attractive designs and sizes. From quaint and quirky stone horses, through to replica Chinese Tang dynasty horse statues made from bronze, our collection offers a wonderful way to add a touch of oriental elegance to your home.

Elegant Gansu flying horses are replicated in many of our bronze sculptures, whilst our collection of ceramics has glazed ceramic Tang horses available in a range of beautiful colour finishes.

If you’re looking for something simple, we offer a range of stone horses who never fail to charm and make great little ornaments. Or why not take a look at our large stone horses which, thanks to their durability, are ideal for placing outdoors?

Our collection of stone, bronze and ceramic horse figures are reproductions of original Chinese designs, making them perfect for bringing a touch oriental style and elegance into your home. Our products are of the highest quality and many of the ceramics we sell have been hand-decorated

Shimu - the home of oriental style and elegance

Chinese stone horses and ceramic figures are very much at home in contemporary interiors and are ideal for creating an eye-catching focal point. Either placed alone for maximum impact, or showcased alongside other decorative objects, traditional Chinese horse ornaments are timeless, stylish and effortlessly elegant.

Our stone horse statues, ceramic figures and bronzes look wonderful when teamed up with antique original or reproduction oriental furniture. We are proud to offer a wide range of beautiful antique and newly made furniture, accessories and homeware. Our ever-changing collection of Chinese antique furniture and accessories includes items which have been carefully selected and sourced by us directly from China. If necessary, items are lovingly restored before sale, however we take great care to ensure that their original charm and unique patina is retained.

Our Chinese Classical Furniture collection offers superb quality newly made items, designed to replicate traditional Chinese furniture. All items are handcrafted from reclaimed poplar wood or elm, including reproductions from China’s golden age, alongside contemporary designs which have been inspired by the same period.

Alongside our furniture collections we also supply a stylish range of superb quality homewares, many of which have been handmade from sustainable materials. Our range includes everything you could need to create a welcoming home including lighting, textiles, candles and candle holders, kitchen ware and garden furniture. Or why not take a look at our range of beautiful and eye-catching oriental art which includes stunning photographic prints and limited edition wall art, embroidered pictures and decorative wooden window panels.

Shopping with Shimu is easy; simply browse through our website or visit our light and spacious showroom in Albion Mills, Greengates, West Yorkshire.


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