Antique Chinese Furniture Edinburgh

Antique Chinese Furniture Edinburgh

Chinese Antique Dealers in Edinburgh

With its timeless elegance and enduring appeal, Chinese furniture offers a wonderful option for style-conscious homeowners who appreciate its clean lines and rich detailing. Here at Shimu we offer one of the UK's largest ranges of new and antique Chinese furniture. Edinburgh customers can order from our entire product range for convenient direct delivery. Whether you’re looking for a unique and original antique to add a touch of history to your home, or a newly made piece, designed to replicate original Chinese design, our collection of oriental furniture, homewares and accessories offers a wide range of beautiful ways to create a welcoming home.

Classical Furniture Inspired by Tradition

Our collection of Chinese classical furniture has been specially created to offer a range of timeless designs handcrafted from reclaimed wood and available in styles which replicate originals from China’s golden age of furniture making. Our range includes ornate lacquered wedding cabinets, trunks and sideboards, chairs, coffee tables and book cabinets in natural wood finishes.

Our classical Chinese furniture encapsulates a design philosophy characterised by simplicity, symmetry, and elegance, rather than being tied to a specific era. The use of unadorned hardwoods, similar to the reclaimed timber we use for this range, has been highly valued by Chinese artisans since the Qing dynasty.

With the opening of trade routes, exotic hardwoods from Southeast Asia started to be imported. These durable woods enabled the creation of refined furniture with slim legs that highlighted the natural beauty of the valuable timber, in addition to the sought-after lacquered pieces. At Shimu, we take great pride in continuing the legacy of classical Chinese furniture, offering you these stunning items to enhance your living space.

Antique Chinese Furniture in Edinburgh

Offering the perfect way to bring the past back to life, at Shimu we offer a wide and ever-changing range of stunning original antique Chinese furniture. Edinburgh customers can browse our entire range on our website and if you can’t find what you had in mind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll endeavour to source it for you.

Chinese antiques are as diverse as the country itself, ranging in style from the opulent and ornate, to simple and rustic. Our collection includes a huge selection of beautiful quality pieces which have been carefully selected for their unique charm and rich patina. All items are directly sourced by us from China and minimal restoration is carried out only if necessary.

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece for your living room, or traditional country-style furniture to enhance your contemporary home, you’ll find our collection offers a very special range of unique Chinese antiques, alongside antique ceramics and decorative objects.

Accessories for homewares, inspired by Oriental design

No home is complete without thoughtfully chosen accessories. At Shimu we offer a wide range of gorgeous homewares which have been inspired by the elegance of Chinese design. From decorated porcelain lamps and lanterns, to wall art, woven textiles, ceramics and carved ornaments, our selection includes an inspiring selection curated to complement our antique and new furniture ranges.

Since 2003, Shimu has been at the forefront of Chinese furniture expertise, providing traditionally made oriental furniture, alongside a wide range of carefully restored Chinese antique furniture and other exquisite homewares and accessories influenced by Eastern design aesthetics. Our timeless and modern furniture is crafted from reclaimed elm wood, or explore our unmatched and ever-changing collection of antique Chinese cabinets, tables, chests and more.


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