View our Beijing Stock for the latest extra special Chinese antiques

View our Beijing Stock for the latest extra special Chinese antiques

Over the past few days we have been busy adding around 70 new Chinese antique cabinets, tables and chests up onto the ‘Beijing Stock‘ section of our website. If you are not familiar with this part of the site, it is a section where we showcase items that are held with one or two of our suppliers in Beijing. Whenever we ship a container of antiques, we will usually include some of these items anyway, but the majority will end up being sold by our suppliers to other customers or antique dealers in the USA and other parts of the world.

The section is a fantastic resource for us and our customers in a number of ways. Firstly, it allows us to offer a much larger range of antiques and furniture than we could possibly hold in stock in the UK, giving our customers a much wider choice. Because we tend to update it every two or three weeks there is also always something new to see and it is often the first place for you to view some of the items that we have lined up to ship on our next container. And finally, included amongst the antiques shown are a few unusual or high end items – antique Chinese sideboards, cabinets or tables that we wouldn’t normally ship unless it was to meet a specific customer request. These pieces include some particularly old cabinets and armoires, or perhaps very large pieces. They will usually have a higher price tag to match their rarity or size, but you are unlikely to find similar pieces available anywhere else in the UK.

Tall Chinese Medicine Chest Large Tapered Armoire in Elm Carved Coffer Table in Elm Pair of Red Lacquer Painted Armoires

Just a few highlights from the current stock are shown here. They include a superb pair of large red lacquer armoires from Qinghai province in western China, still with the original, very detailed, gilded paintings of various figures set against a backdrop of trees and mountains. These cabinets date from the mid 19th century and are in beautiful condition – still with the old decorative hardware on the doors and internal fixed shelves. It is rare to find such beautifully preserved cabinets still together as a pair.

Also amongst my favourites are a wonderfully carved coffer table in elm from Shanxi province, the side spandrels made up of intricately carved dragons and the drawers and lower apron in deep carved relief. A tapered elm armoire dating from the early 19th century, also from Shanxi, and a tall Chinese medicine chest in cream lacquer with each drawer labelled in red characters – something or a rarity these days, are also particularly special.

You can order these and any other items from our ‘Beijing Stock’ online – the only difference to ordering from the main part of our site is that we don’t take online payment for these pieces. Instead we will call you back once we have confirmed availability of your item with our suppliers and at that stage take a deposit so that the item can be reserved for you and included on our next shipment. You may have to wait a little longer than normal to receive your antique (typically around 10 – 14 weeks) but I hope you agree it is worth it to own one of these stunning, unique heirlooms.

Look out for all the latest in our ‘Beijing Stock‘ as we regularly update the site as new pieces become available.

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