Tips on integrating Chinese and oriental style into a modern interior

Tips on integrating Chinese and oriental style into a modern interior

A modern styled home goes far beyond simply filling rooms with pieces that are only on trend for one season. A great way to create an impactful, interesting interior is to combine an eclectic mix of colours, designs and inspiration from different cultures to create a totally unique and timeless style.

Chinese and oriental style furniture can fit perfectly into this type of scheme, particularly one of our huge range of Chinese antiques. Each piece has its own unique story and is hand-picked from locations all around China. The beauty of oriental furniture is that it is not a fad or short term trend, but a style that will never go out of fashion. If you select the right piece it can also be an investment that hold its value or even benefit you in years to come.

Integrating Chinese furniture into a modern styled home is easier than you might imagine as it doesn’t have to be a full on theme. We’ve listed a few ideas below to help you achieve an oriental accent or feel in your home.

Chinese Wall Art 
Chinese wall art is a subtle yet effective method to inject a bit of culture into a room without taking up any vital floorspace. It’s a favourite for living rooms and bedrooms to create an ambience of calm and works well with both dark or neutral colour schemes. It adds a diverse dimension to your room, filling blank or plain spaces and creating the perfect backdrop to complement modern interiors. Chinese paintings such as traditional ancestor portraits can provide a colourful focal point, whilst old carved window panels are a great way add interest, lit to throw subtle shadows onto a wall space

Chinese ancestor painting
Chinese Ancestor Painting

Chinese Furniture

A single, carefully selected item of Chinese furniture can be the ultimate accent piece in any room. Traditional wedding cabinets are usually in a bright red lacquer, perfect for bringing warmth and colour to a more neutral, modern environment. Painted sideboards are also a good way to add a contrasting style and colour to a contemporary setting.

 Shanxi Red Lacquer Cabinet




If you are looking for something more modern in style but still with an oriental flavour then our newly made ranges of sleek, black lacquer Chinese furniture or rich elm wood cabinets, with pure, simple designs and clean lines, will be ideal.

Oriental Style Lighting

The right lighting cam create a feeling of calm and serenity and can change a room into a relaxing retreat, turning it into a the ultimate place to wind down. Chinese lamps are perfect to add a subtle oriental style that will work in any modern home. Our own selection includes classic blue and white porcelain bases with silk shades, along with more modern silk lotus lamps.

 For a simple oriental twist on a smaller scale, choose one of our Chinese lanterns – perfect for creating a sensual, romantic feel when lit with a T-light in a bedroom or even bathroom. The larger versions are ideal for outdoors.

Colours & Patterns

Chinese interiors are based around a powerful colour palette for a big, bold impact. If you are combining multiple prints and styles we would therefore recommend that you work with a solid neutral base to prevent them both from clashing and from looking too busy. Less is often more when it comes to oriental interiors! Many of our accessories work best against a stripped back, rustic look or go for a darker theme that provides a dramatic backdrop for more colourful accent pieces.

Chinese calligraphy lamp

Chinese Calligraphy Lamp


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