Time to hibernate

Time to hibernate

Not long now until the clocks go back and although we are looking forward to the thought of an extra hour in bed, we also know it means that winter is coming. But why be gloomy? The change in season is a great excuse to turn your home into a cosy haven as you snuggle up and spend more time indoors.

 Silk lotus lamps

Unfortunately we can’t actually hibernate, but here are a few hints and suggestions to snugify your home. Be warned – if you follow all our tips, you may not want to leave the house until spring…

Lack of natural light during the shorter daylight hours means that it’s vital to ensure cosy lighting indoors. Think about where you’ll be sitting to work out where your light sources need to be positioned and use table lamps and spotlights to create pools of warm lighting.

For a warm and inviting atmosphere, keep overhead light usage to a minimum in bedrooms and living rooms, choosing lower-level wall, floor or table lamps instead.

We have a gorgeous collection of soft furnishings including luxurious faux fur throws like the grey Marilyn one featured below to snuggle up on the sofa with. For maximum comfort, surround yourself with an array of cushions.

Silk S Shape Lamp

 When choosing soft furnishings, go for tactile fabrics and cosy textures like velvet, fur and chenille. Update your summery blinds with heavy curtains and consider adding rugs to hard flooring.

Now sit back with a steaming mug of your favourite hot drink and resolve to remain in your winter retreat until spring arrives!

Shimu Chinese cushions

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