Terracotta Warriors at the World Museum

Terracotta Warriors at the World Museum

If you follow our Facebook page then you may have seen our recent post showing photos from our recent trip to the World Museum in Liverpool to see the exhibition of terracotta warriors.

The museum has several of these extraordinary artefacts on display until October, together with bronzes and other items from the emperor Qin’s tomb in Shaanxi province, one of the world’s greatest archaeological discoveries. The exhibition spans around 1,000 years of Chinese history, from around 200BC when Qin Shi Huang was buried with his protective terracotta army, through to the later Han dynasty.

 Horse and HandlerGeneralCharioteer
ArcherMaolin Golden HorseJade Pi

Items on display include a number of the six to seven foot tall warriors, charioteers, an archer and a general, as well as smaller items such as a beautiful golden horse, bronze wine vessels, jade ornaments and weaponry.

If you’re a member of our VIP club then you might have received complimentary tickets to visit the exhibition yourself as part of our recent offer. If so and you’ve already been then let us know what you thought. If not there is still time to get to the exhibition, which runs until the 28th October.

Terracotta Warriors

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