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Chinese mooncakes

Feasting for the Moon Festival

The Chinese Mid-Autumn or ‘Moon’ Festival is traditionally celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month , so this year will take place on Sunday 27th September. The Mid-Autumn festival is the second most important festival after the...

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Beijing Blue Chinese Furniture

Feeling Blue

As you know, we’re currently in love with the colour blue. Our new Beijing Blue collection is the focus of our devotion – handcrafted from chunky reclaimed pine with distressed powder blue doors, each piece is totally unique. In this blog...

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Miao women in traditional dress

The Miao people of Southern China

Some of our most popular accessories are the cushions and silver jewellery made by the Miao people of southern China. The culture of this tribe is absolutely fascinating, so I thought it was a worthy subject of this week’s blog. The Miaos are one...

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