Introducing our VIP club

Introducing our VIP club

This week sees the official launch of the Shimu VIP club. It’s aimed at customers who have a serious interest in Chinese antiques and a passion for Oriental styling. Members will get first views of new pieces, invitations to events, expert advice, sale previews, special offers and bonus gifts based on regular purchases.

To launch the scheme, we’re giving members a free subscription to Homes & Antiques magazine if you spend £1000 or more before the end of September (as well as the usual free delivery). Simply enter ‘VIP Club’ into the box that asks for your reason for buying when you order online or call us to place your order personally.

As another VIP bonus, we’ll shortly be publishing our ‘Guide to Chinese Antiques’  and will email all VIP club members with a link to download it free of charge before anyone else.  Other things to look forward to are the launch of a new range of accessories, which we’ll invite VIP members to view online first, and advance notice of our summer sale.

We’d also love to know what YOU think we should offer VIPs! What are you interested in? How can we help you indulge your passion for Oriental antiques? And how can we improve our service to those who shop with us more regularly? Please do give us your feedback!

If you’d like to join our VIP club, email now.

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