Inject a splash of vibrant colour into your home with red furniture and accessories!

Inject a splash of vibrant colour into your home with red furniture and accessories!

Not only is Valentine’s day just around the corner, but red, the colour of passion and energy, also happens to be Pantone’s colour of the year for 2023! Furthermore, red is an important colour in Chinese culture and is thought to represent joy, luck and happiness. So with this in mind, we couldn’t resist talking about this vibrant shade, and how our range of red furniture and accessories can be used to inject a splash of red hot colour into your home.

Mad about red

Red is a colour which is synonymous with love, passion, joy and a zest for life. This makes it a great shade to introduce into your interiors and is perfect for adding a splash of vibrancy and an eye-catching pop of colour.

Red can also be used in combination with other colours to create a particular mood or ambience. So for example, using a deep cherry red with chocolate brown gives a feeling of decadence, whilst red combined with pastel blue will add an inviting, almost nautical look to a room. If you’re feeling adventurous, bright red and hot pink can be brought together to create a bold look, whilst red and violet used together can look very pretty and a little bohemian.

Red Lacquer ChestRed looks great when teamed up with neutrals too. By placing a red piece of furniture against a white or linen coloured wall, a wooden floor or sisal rug, it’s easy to recreate the simple style and natural elegance with which oriental interiors are synonymous. 

Red Chinese furniture

Chinese furniture makers have been creating red pieces for centuries, achieving everything from bold, bright shades, through to deeper shades of red using paint, lacquer, stains and varnish. Here at Shimu we offer a huge range of beautiful red coloured furniture items, from ornate red and gold decorated wedding cabinets and painted sideboards, to wedding boxes, lacquered trunks and much more.

Rich red lacquer was particularly popular in the Shanxi province of China, where this colour combination was considered to be particularly lucky. Many of our antique pieces are decorated in red and gold, and because each piece is unique, offer a wonderful way to bring a touch of original Chinese history into your home.

At Shimu we love the elegance and opulence of red lacquered furniture and think these stunning pieces look fantastic when teamed up with dark-coloured ornamental items such as ceramic vases, ornaments or lamps. They also look beautiful alongside dark elm coloured furniture, or next to paler shades of elm for contrast.

Red ceramics and accessories

Red Ceramic Stool Choosing red ceramics and accessories is a stylish way to give a room a focal point and extra interest. Our range of accessories includes a huge choice of beautifully made items in different shades of red, from Chinese lanterns and ceramic stools, through to lamps, umbrella stands, wall art, rugs and more.

Placing red cushions against a neutral coloured sofa or armchair adds texture and vibrancy, whilst a red rug on a wooden floor or pale coloured carpet can be used to bring the design of a room together. A red vase or red-framed mirror helps to illuminate a dark corner, whilst using rust-toned, or deep red accessories brings a warm and cosy feel.
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