How to style Chinese furniture within a modern home

How to style Chinese furniture within a modern home

You don’t need a period property or to invest completely in a purely oriental style to include Chinese furniture in your home. Indeed, one or two carefully chosen pieces can add striking interest to an otherwise simple and modern room, without imposing. In this blog we introduce ideas for styling Chinese furniture within a modern home.

Four Door Sideboard

A rich chocolate sideboard creates an understated but sumptuous focus in a neutrally decorated room. Add interest with a combination of unusual objet d’art and quotidian pieces arranged in front of striking wall art.

Our Chinese poplar sideboard boasts a beautiful natural grain, complemented by brass hardware.The doors fit directly into the cabinet frames on wooden dowels, giving a sleek, simple look that highlights the rich wood and colour.

Chinese Circular Display Shelf

Whilst circular shelving screens are no doubt a typically Chinese design, the sleek black lacquer finish is perfectly suited to a modern home. Style with books and ornaments in-keeping with your room’s aesthetic to create a beautiful room divider.

Our circular shelves come in two parts that easily fit together with mortice and tenon joints, so they can actually be used as two separate semi-circular units as well as a single large circular shelf.

Chinese Apothecary Cabinet

Opting for an unusual apothecary cabinet as a coffee table will add both versatile storage and an unusual focal point to your modern sitting room. Our handsome Chinese low cabinet in an opulent, warm finish is crafted from reclaimed elm with brass hardware, and is designed by us with the modern home in mind, whilst maintaining a strong oriental style. Juxtapose with contemporary coffee table books and a sleek glass fruit bowl to partner the cabinet with modern decor.

A perfect centrepiece, this cabinet looks the same from both sides as it includes two full sets of doors, and alternatively may be used as a media unit for a TV, with plenty of storage space for CDs and DVDs.

Yoke-Back Side Chair

Born of a timeless Chinese design, yoke back lacquered dining chairs make a superbly stylish statement in a modern dining room. Since its early development hundreds of years ago, this style of chair has changed very little through the centuries, and for good reason.

Classic and enduring, the comfortable rattan inlay alongside the carved relief in the curved back invites an antique feel to a modern dining table, creating a beautifully juxtaposed and alluring centrepiece. Retain a contemporary feel by dressing your table without a traditional cloth and by adding modern candle votives and floral arrangements.

Chinese Cross Legged Desk

With so many of us now working from home, an unusual and stylish home office arrangement is a great investment. Choosing a striking desk and matching chair will create a considered and design-led area within a modern room, and add a lush decadence to your work space.

This beautifully shaped warm elm desk is more in a Chinese concession or colonial style than Ming Chinese, but retains plenty of oriental charm. Two 'S' shaped legs cross at each end to form an elegant hourglass shape, whilst three drawers, each with a simple ring handle, provide useful storage. The beautifully textured rattan inlay is set within the frame of the desk's work surface, making it suitably hard wearing for everyday use.

Chinese Cream Lacquer Blanket Trunk

Chinese furniture need not be dark in colour, and indeed a cream lacquered piece can be the perfect choice for a simple and modern bedroom. This subtle cream lacquer blanket trunk has a fresh feel, with aspects of the classical Chinese style in the form of the circular brass locking plate and clasp.

Used at the foot of a bed or under a low window, a trunk provides useful storage for bed linens or out of season clothing. Style the surface space with folded blankets and books to soften and tie in with the rest of the space. 

By carefully balancing the tone of beautifully grained or lacquered wood with complementing wall treatments and soft furnishings, it is possible to create an original and intriguing design statement by choosing traditional Chinese furniture within a modern home. Offering timeless classic designs, our pieces are sound investments to be used forever, even as your decor changes around them.

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