Have you seen our latest lamps and accessories?

Have you seen our latest lamps and accessories?

Add the perfect finishing touch to your interiors with our very latest table lamps and accessories. With an ever-growing collection of eye-catching treasures, these new additions are no exception.  From sustainable coloured glass vases to statement Chinese table lamps, it's the perfect way to add a little touch of the Orient to your home.
 Toska Vase, Teal Toska Vase. Grey
Toska Bottle Vase, Grey Toska Glass Vase, Teal
Toska vases top left clockwise: Large £36.95, Medium £26.95, Small £19.95 & Bottle £16.95

Amongst the new arrivals are the pretty Toska vases, shown above. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes these delicate vases are hand-blown into moulds, leaving behind unique bubble markings. Each top rim is then opened and shaped by hand, adding to the beauty and individuality of each vase. Made from recycled glass, there is a choice of either smokey grey or vibrant teal.  Try using a mixture of colours and sizes to create a striking seasonal display.

Square Vase Lamp Crackled Globe Lamp
 Floral Sprays Lamp Sparrow Blossom Lamp
Ivory Butterfly Vase Lamp Wading Heron Lamp
top left clockwise: Square Vase Lamp £195.00, Crackled Globe Lamp £145.00, Sparrow Blossom Lamp £175.00, Wading Heron Lamp £225.00, Ivory Butterfly Vase Lamp £185.00 & Floral Sprays Lamp £175.00

Our new collection of statement table lamps are great for those looking to add instant interest to their decor, without having to completely redecorate. Perfect for creating soft, relaxing light on long winter evenings, there are over fifteen designs to choose from, each with it's own elegant shade.  Centred around nature, the collection includes beautiful floral patterns, as well as charming bird designs featuring sparrows and herons. Our personal favourite has to be the sparrow blossom lamp pictured above. With an elegant faux silk pleated shade, the stylish jar shaped lamp is adorned with adorable sparrows in red and grey, perched on branches of blossom and leaves.

 Gold Silk Tassel Cream Silk Tassel
Red Silk Tassel Pink Silk Tassel
top left clockwise: Gold Silk Stone Tassel £39.00, Cream Silk Tassel with Jade Phoenix £39.00, Red Silk Tassel with Jade Horse £39.00 & Pink silk Tassel with Jade Horse £39.00

Last but not least, for something a little different we have added new colours and designs to our unique collection of silk tassels. These unusual pieces make quite a statement when hung from wardrobe handles and are perfect for adding a splash of colour to a simple piece of furniture. Measuring a large 48cm in length they are available in combinations of silk, carved stone and carved jade. Each one features its own intricate Chinese symbol, such as the phoenix design above, believed to represent high status.

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