Choosing the right rug

Choosing the right rug

Rugs are the final piece of the puzzle in a room, seamlessly pulling the look together at a single stroke. They’re more than just another accessory: they’re practical, offering both comfort and warmth; they’re pieces of art, introducing colour and pattern to your space; and they provide a quick yet dramatic update for your interiors without the need to completely redecorate.

Here’s all you need to know about using rugs around your home.


Because they’re not attached to the floor, rugs can be a lot more versatile than carpets. You can use them to disguise old floorboards or even worn-out carpet with minimal effort.

Scorched carpet in front of an open fire? A rug will hide the mark while protecting your floor from further damage. Cracked tile in the hallway? Rugs or runners are perfect for covering up these little imperfections. Rugs are also easier to clean than carpets, and can be rotated for even wear-and-tear, making them a much more affordable and durable alternative.

Wooden or laminate floors are a stylish and popular flooring choice, but come winter, they can make rooms feel bare and cold. A rug is an easy way to add warmth under your feet, and introducing one will instantly make the room feel more inviting.


As well as hiding less-than-perfect flooring, rugs can be used to draw attention to an important piece of furniture, such as a coffee table, sofa or dining table, or a feature such as a fireplace or a floor-to-ceiling window.

Rugs can act as an anchor for the rest of the pieces in the room, highlighting or complementing accent colours or patterns on other soft furnishings to make the room feel unified. Think of a rug as art for your floor. If you’re decorating a space from scratch, why not choose a rug as your starting point and then choose everything else around it?

Bear in mind the rug you select should be large enough to accommodate the furniture that will be placed on top of it (as a rule, rugs under dining tables should still include the chair legs when the chair is pushed out from under the table). A rug that’s too small will unbalance the proportions and create the illusion of a much smaller space. If in doubt, always go bigger.


Ainslie rugThe style, size and material of your rug will be heavily influenced by its location in the home. For spaces with heavy footfall such as a living room or hallway, choose a hard-wearing rug made from heavyweight material with a pattern in dark colours (so that marks don’t show up easily), like this Ainslie Wool Rug. With a stylish, bold stripe design in contrasting tones, this rug will enhance any modern room setting.

Taj Agra rugFor a dining room, a rug with a flatter weave is better so the chair legs don’t snag the pile. Our gorgeous Taj Agra rugs are one-of-a-kind, hand-woven rugs that come in a variety of floral motifs. The designs echo the traditional Moghal style of central Asia and are made from 100% antique washed wool and available in six sizes (bespoke sizes can also be ordered).

wood rug For a bedroom, pale colours and a deeper pile offer the most warmth and comfort for the space (and your bare feet) like the Beauticious pure wool rug. Its super smooth threads give a sumptuous, wonderfully soft feel. It’s available in a number of colours and in three standard sizes.
Our Belle rugs feature intricate striped patterns in creams and greys and are perfect in a contemporary setting. An understated graphical design brings a modern sophistication to the living room. Made from 100% wool and available in two standard sizes, bespoke sizes can also be ordered. monochrome rug


You can view the entire Shimu rug collection online and order a free sample of any rug.

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