Perfect Combinations for 'Brave Ground', Dulux Colour of the Year

Perfect Combinations for 'Brave Ground', Dulux Colour of the Year

Leading colour and paint brand Dulux have recently announced ‘Brave Ground’ as their 'Colour of the Year 2021' - a colour that they describe as a natural, warm neutral shade that brings a sense of calm and stability to a space and that works particularly well in combination with stronger accent colours. It's a simple, grounding colour that ties us to nature, responding to its environment with subtle hints of pink brought out in the morning light and darker, earth tones that come out in the evening.

Every year a team of colour experts and interior designers, architects and trend spotters from around the world work with Dulux to agree on a single colour that reflects current events and the general mood of the moment. In the words of Dulux themselves, Brave Ground was selected as an "elemental" hue that reflects "the strength we can draw from nature, our growing desire to align more with the planet and looking towards the future". In a world dealing with the upheaval of coronavirus and political instability, it’s a colour that offers a soft, warm, welcoming quality that can help to create a sanctuary in our homes.

Chinese Classical Furniture, Home OfficeAbove: Furniture from our 'Classical Chinese' range in warm elm

With neutral, enveloping tones that work well with the rich, dark wood and black lacquer finishes of our Classical Chinese range, as well the wonderful colours of our Chinese antiques, Brave Ground and the ideas behind it are perfectly in keeping with our own philosophy at Shimu - using natural, reclaimed woods and restoring and recycling vintage and antique pieces to minimise the use of the earth’s limited resources.

Chinese Antique Sideboard in Red LacquerAbove: Chinese Antique Sideboard in Red Lacquer

Unassuming and allowing more dramatic colours to shine, Brave Ground makes a wonderful backdrop for many of our antiques, such as the stunning sideboard above in a rich red finish. It also works perfectly with more rustic pieces, allowing the texture and beauty of the wood to be the star. Combine it with the chunky, natural wood finishes of an antique console from Henan province, or with sideboards and cabinets from our Chinese Country range, with both the natural elm and chocolate finishes of the range being a perfect match.

Along with Brave Ground, Dulux has created four complementary colour ranges that offer ideal combinations when used together. ‘Expressive' reds and pinks add warmth, while 'timeless' yellows suggest the colours of a late summer harvest. 'Earth' blues and greens remind us of our planet's seas and skies, and 'trust' browns suggest a sense of cosiness and well-being. Our own Beijing Blue collection, with distressed black frames and powder blue doors, fits well within the earth tones and, with Brave Ground as a backdrop, it gives a perfect mix of calming colours and tactile, rustic textures.

Beijing Blue Reclaimed Pine SideboardAbove: Beijing Blue Sideboard

Our range of home accessories includes cushions, throws, ceramics and stoneware in tones that match well with the four Dulux colour ranges, including our vintage green ginger jars, oil jars and vases. These are perfect to add accent colours to a natural interior scheme. Similarly, our rustic ceramic jars in a pale blue glaze will give soft contrast, while our burnt amber Kadin throws and cushions will add texture and warmth.

Accessories with Brave GroundAbove: Green Glaze Ginger Jars, Kadin Throw and Cushion, Pale Blue Ceramic Jars

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