Latest additions to our Chinese antique furniture collection

Latest additions to our Chinese antique furniture collection

The first of the Chinese antique pieces I selected on my recent sourcing trip to China are now available to view and order on our website and you can see these and all our other latest additions under our new arrivals. Around 30 antiques have been added to the collection, due to ship in the coming weeks for delivery well in time for Christmas.

The extraordinary antique carved table above is already in stock, having arrived with our last container, and is one of the most exceptional console tables we have been lucky enough to offer. Dating from the mid 19th century, it comes from Yunnan province in Southwest China (on the border with Myanmar and Vietnam) and the highly detailed relief carvings, in this case showing various figures and scenes from legend, are a typical feature of furniture from the region.


Wedding Cabinets from ShanxiAmongst the pieces arriving later are a number of beautiful armoires and wedding cabinets from Shanxi province. Shanxi is a region in China well known for the quality of its furniture making for centuries and in particular for beautiful lacquered cabinets, decorated with gold leaf or painted designs. These often formed part of a bride's dowry, filled with rich silks and other valuables. The cabinets I sourced recently are in both red and black lacquer, with their original gilt paintings. They make wonderful statement pieces in any bedroom or living space.

Red Lacquer Antique CabinetYou'll also find restored antique and vintage cabinets in wonderful colours and finishes, including crackled blues and greens and rich reds. The red lacquer cabinet shown to the right is one of our favourites, with an intersting history. It dates from the mid 19th century and the red finish is old, given a new lease of life with a clear, glossy varnish. However the now feint Chinese characters displayed on the doors are a more recent addition. Roughly translating as 'protect the homeland', they would have been painted on around the 1960s in an effort to protect the cabinet from destruction during the Cultural Revolution. This bright cabinet, along with the other new addtions to our antique collection, has been carefully restored by our suppliers in China. Not only a unique piece of furniture, it also offers the chance to own a small slice of Chinese history.

We will be adding many more antiques to our collection over the coming weeks, all pieces I personally selected when over in China, so look out for these in our new arrivals or make sure you are signed up to receive our regular newsletter by email. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and other social media for all the latest updates.

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