Oriental TV Cabinets

Oriental TV Cabinets

Whether you’re looking for a cabinet to hide away your TV, or an attractive sideboard to stand it on, our range of oriental TV cabinets has been designed with style and quality in mind. Our range includes large solid wood TV and media cabinets with a folding pair of doors to hide the TV behind, alongside low, Chinese sideboards ideal for use as a TV stand. In addition, we also offer a huge range of hand painted and more natural wood pieces, ideal for complementing the living room furniture in modern, contemporary and traditional interiors. 

Black and Red Kang Table with Drawers New

Black and Red Kang Table with Drawers


Shanxi, circa 1880 This long, low table would be great as a narrow coffee table in front of a sofa, with useful storage space inside each of the th...

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Create a stylish living room with Chinese style TV Cabinets

Our range of elegant oriental TV cabinets is available in different sizes and designs to suit all living spaces. From ornate and highly traditional Chinese cabinets, through to simple, traditional furniture made from reclaimed hardwood, our collection is designed to complement both modern and traditional homes. You’ll find that our furniture range includes newly made TV console cabinets which have been made in China using traditional joinery techniques, along with antique pieces which have been carefully chosen by us for the unique history and beauty they offer. We also have a wide range of home decor and furniture items, ideal for any room in your home; including soft furnishings, ceramics, lighting, rugs, accessories and much more. 

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