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Shimu Ching

"I am very excited to collaborate with Shimu and delighted to be an ambassador. Their furniture is truly unique - often one of a kind antique or vintage pieces that have history and character. Many pieces have been produced from sustainable sources in China, using  reclaimed wood to produce lasting, high quality designs with beautiful Chinese heritage and symbolism. I am a huge fan and I look forward to working together to bring a touch of Eastern comfort and style to your home, treasured pieces we hope you will love and be in your family for generations to come." - Ching-He Huang MBE

A selection of Shimu's furniture and home accessories personally chosen by Ching

All of us at Shimu are delighted to welcome Ching-He Huang as an ambassador. Ching is an Emmy nominated, award-winning TV Chef and author, best known for popularising Chinese cuisine and food culture. Her re-connection with her Chinese heritage through food has given her a deep appreciation for Chinese culture, and this extends to the world of furniture, antiques and interior design.

It’s the perfect fit to work with Ching. As a customer of Shimu herself, Ching has worked with us to select some of her favourite pieces from amongst our wide range of Chinese furniture and oriental home accessories. You’ll find beautifully restored antiques, classic Chinese furniture styles that are based on ancient designs and incorporate rich symbolism, along with lighting, wall art, ceramics and vintage wooden bowls.

In celebration, all friends and followers of Ching are eligible to receive a 10% discount off any item from the collection. Enter the code CHING10 at checkout to apply the discount.*

Follow Ching for her delicious, healthy Chinese recipes on Facebook at @ChingHeHuangOfficial or on Instagram at chinghehuang.

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