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Detail from Chinese antique armoire

A wonderful old Shanxi armoire

My last post talked about my visit to one of the areas in Beijing where you can view and selected unrestored antique Chinese furniture, with hundreds of pieces from different regions stacked up in warehouses. There were two vast warehouses specialising...

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Shanghai restaurants

Chinese furniture, food and feet

I’m writing this at the airport after a couple of busy days in Shanghai and having just about got the better of some serious jet lag. It has been a productive time so far, with a day spent touring around...

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Qinghai Painted Sideboard

Panjiayuan market and more antiques

Back at the hotel and a chance to draw breath after a couple of hectic but productive days around Beijing. The rain on Friday turned to beautiful, clear blue skies in the past couple of days – or at least...

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Qinghai armoire detail

Busy day in Beijing and an unusual find

I arrived in Beijing yesterday and woke up with a jet lagged early start this morning to the pouring rain. This is the first time I’ve been here at this time of year and the humidity is something of a...

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