Indonesia inspired with our latest range of home accessories

We’ve been busy at Shimu over recent months looking for more new and exciting products to expand our range. Whilst our collection of Chinese antique furniture and accessories is constantly updated as we source and ship new pieces from our supplier network in Beijing and Shanghai, we have been looking further afield recently to find even more interesting and beautiful items to bring you.

The first of these new pieces have just arrived from Indonesia, and include some unique and unusual accessories for your home and garden. We’ve just added the majority of these onto our website so you can view and purchase online, or see them in person at our Yorkshire showroom.

Indonesian rice house
Indonesian Rice House
Rice House Carved Panel

As with our Chinese and oriental accessories, many of these items are old or recycled and have a story behind them. The large wall panel shown here is from a ‘rice house’ in the Toraja region of Sulawesi – an area of Indonesia with a vibrant tribal culture and identity. These storage huts were¬† raised off the ground to keep the rice dry and to deter rodents.¬†Rice growers would rest underneath, passing the time by carving decorative patterns onto the underside of their hut’s foor. Today these intricately carved panels make wonderful wall hangings.

Also from Toraja and from the islands of Java and Sumba are carved stone statues and figures, traditionally placed in homes in Indonesia to protect the family and to ward off evil spirits. Each one is hand carved and therfore unique, making unusual decorative objects.

Amongst the new collection you will also find shell necklaces from Papua, supplied with stands to take pride of place on a sideboard or shelf, as well as petried wood from the ancient teak forests of Java and Sumatra – with their wonderful, colourful patterned striations formed over millions of years.

Wooden Buddha
Wooden Buddha

We also have wooden and stone buddhas, vintage glass bottles and, for the garden lover, old teak planters, lava stone bowls and palm plant pots.

Over the coming months we will be shipping more beautiful and unusual pieces from Indonesia and elsewhere in the far east as well as from China. We look forward to bringing you an even wider range of sumptuous items for your home in the future. In the meantime, keep an eye out for these and all our other latest products in the new arrivals section of our website.